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A summary of what we do, how we do it and why.

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Meet the clinicians that bring top notch relationship therapy to couples all over the world.

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We have reports from 200+ couples who spent the time and invested their resources and got practical, tangible change. They describe how they became friends and lovers once again. Real clients. Real relationship change.

“This weekend helped us more than 3 years of couples therapy did! We were amazed at what was accomplished in such a short time..”

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Dr. K

Did you "fail" at Couples Therapy?

Couples Therapy Inc founder, Dr. Kathy McMahon considered herself a failure after her own couples therapy.

  • The majority of psychotherapists have no specialized training in couples therapy, 80% of therapists claim that they do
  • Like any medical profession, psychotherapy has specialists-couples need a different approach.

Our free online course; Upgrade Your Couples Therapy, walks  couples through our approach to couples therapy. It's a great place to go for a full overview of what you can expect.

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