An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Marriage coaching online used to be thought of as a more convenient alternative to driving, sitting in a waiting room, and then finally meeting your couples therapist in their office.

Not any more.

We are now living in turbulent times. Broadway is closed. The NBA basketball season has been suspended. College students have been sent home in droves and told to log in for online classes.

Every day brings more alarming news about the global coronavirus pandemic.

Marriage coaching online isn’t just convenient…it’s an idea whose time has come.

We used to brag that science-based couples therapy online could save you time and money…but nowadays, it can also preserve your family’s health as well.

Here’s some good news.

For the past 7 years, Couples Therapy Inc. has been an industry leader in offering online couples therapy services.

Our science-based online marriage coaching can be conveniently accessed on any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a built-in camera.

You can get high quality, science-based marriage coaching from the safety and privacy of your own home.

It also helps that we speak 9 languages fluently.

Benefits of Marriage Coaching Online

One of the apparent advantages of marriage coaching online is that it offers convenience. Many couples have been pressed for time, and have found it challenging to squeeze couples therapy into their busy lives.

Good science-based, weekly couples therapy sessions are 80-100 minutes as opposed to the traditional 50-minute session. Many couples have complained to us that in the past, they spent more time commuting to couples therapy than they actually spent in their couples therapy session.

Marriage Coaching Online is Flexible

For some couples, online marriage counseling is their only option. It’s the only way that they can get it done. Online marriage coaching is helpful for couples who:

  • Are physically separated by intention or circumstance.
  • Can’t travel to a therapy office due to one or both partners’ physical health.
  • Live in a remote part of the country where access to science-based couples therapist is not an option.
  • Work overseas and have no local couples therapy resources.
  • Have family situations where online work is the most appropriate option.

But now, most importantly, science-based couples therapy online is a compellingly flexible, effective, and safe alternative to the question of maintaining social distance in the face of the growing pandemic of the coronavirus.

Does Marriage Coaching Online Work as Well?

Is marriage coaching online effective? Research studies indicate that the answer is a resounding yes!

Research from Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and the National Institute of Mental Health have all discovered the same thing. Online therapy care can be as effective as in-person therapy, and some studies claim it can even be better for some clients.

The truth is found in numerous high-quality research studies. Online couples therapy is every bit as effective as face-to-face sessions. Most of this research has focused on comparing video conferencing with in-person therapy, which is what we offer here at Couples Therapy Inc.

When is Marriage Coaching Online Not Advisable?

Marriage coaching online is no different than in-person therapy in that it’s not for everyone. It’s not recommended for you if you or your spouse are struggling with:

  • Ongoing systemic domestic violence, fear of violence, or heavy emotional abuse.
  • An active addiction (such as drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Poorly managed or untreated, mental illness such as bipolar disorder, major clinical depression, including suicidal or homicidal ideation. If you or your partner are a danger to yourself or others, couples therapy will not help.
  • You or your partner have a total lack of commitment to the therapy process. If you’re being compelled or coerced into couples therapy, this isn’t for you. However, Discernment Counseling might be appropriate if divorce is on the table, and you feel ambivalent.

Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo

marriage-coachinngThe Problem in Massachusetts and Many Other States

Many patients who are at high risk are simply not being tested.

The Massachusetts [Biogen] cluster is expected to become even more widespread in the coming weeks.

But like other states, we are dealing with a pervasive global pandemic in the dark.

There are necessarily two different ways of combating the coronavirus — wide-scale quarantining or widespread testing — and the United States and many states, including Massachusetts, have been doing poorly at both.

Time, unfortunately, is running out.

How Couples Therapy Inc. is Responding to the Challenge

The safety of our clients and clinicians is our highest priority. So we have decided to move our couples therapy intensive retreats to an online format effective immediately.

But if you prefer in-person, we are maintaining a “waitlist” for our popular in-person couples therapy weekend intensives.

Once we resume in-person work, we expect these dates to book unusually quickly, so please call us for availability, which, I must warn you, is uncertain at this time.

The math here is pretty simple. The less contact we all have with other people, and the things that they’ve touched, the less chance that we’ll contract the virus.

If you’re young and in good health, the risks of severe complications are low, but if you transmit the virus could to someone more vulnerable, it could cause them to suffer… and perhaps even end their life.

CTI has always been a thought-leader in the field of couples therapy. We have over 7 years of daily experience working with clients online.

Our highly trained couples therapy team is our most valuable asset. We refuse to put them… or you in harm’s way.marriage-coaching

Marriage coaching online is just as effective as in-person therapy, and it allows couples to process the stress of living in these extraordinary times while maintaining a social distance.

Not a Permanent Decision…But a Responsible One

This is not a permanent decision. We do expect to resume in-person couples therapy at some point.

Right now, our entire nation is entering a period of social distancing.

During a global pandemic, we feel that offering science-based marriage coaching online is the only safe and socially responsible action for us to take at this time.

Because of these uncertain times, stress is mounting daily on families and marriages. Many marriages simply can’t wait. As you can imagine, we are experiencing an increased demand for our marriage coaching online.

If you feel that we can help your family, please reach out to us for a “State of the Union” assessment while slots are still available.

Discover What Marriage Coaching Online Can Do For Your Marriage


APA’s guidelines for tele-psychological practice

TeleMental Health Institute

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Daniel Dashnaw

Daniel is a Marriage and Family Therapist and the blog editor. He currently works with couples online and in person. He uses EFT, Gottman Method, Solution-focused and Developmental Models in his approaches. Daniel specializes in working with neurodiverse couples, couples that are recovering from an affair, and couples struggling with conflict avoidant and passive aggressive behavior patterns.

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