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The Couples Therapy Inc approach 4 Lessons

Why Couples Therapy Inc is different

The Couples Therapy Inc approach to helping couples is one that is backed by research and results. Science has taught us that working over a more intensive block of time effectively helps you develop stronger bonds versus this same amount of time spread over shorter weekly sessions. Therefore, we work "intensively" for 2 or 3 days over a weekend or midweek. 

This section will break down what that can look like in more detail.

The Big Big Book

Each and every question in The BIG BIG Book provides your couples therapist with essential information they'll need in order to help both of you.

What can I expect in an intensive weekend?

Before deciding if this Marriage Retreat is right for you, please be sure to review this information. We want to make this unique Intensive Marriage Retreat available to couples who can really get maximum benefit from it. This section includes a list of issues that are not appropriate for this type of work, as well as a description of the couples who are most likely to benefit from attending. It also includes an overview of other important topics, including a detailed description of every element of the schedule.

A little more about Couples Therapy Inc. from Dr. K

A welcome message from our founder and President, Dr. Kathy McMahon (Dr. K.)

Choosing a therapist 2 Lessons

Finding a couples therapist

It's important that you know how to select the right professional for your relationship. 

A note from Dr. K

With over 40 years of research behind us, we're getting it right!

Types of therapy 2 Lessons

An overview of types of therapy

What type of therapy is right for you and your partner? Dr. K walks us through what the different options could mean for you.

A note from Dr. K

This is the question that we don't want you to ask!