Thrive before, during, and after deployment

Couples Therapy Inc.'s Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas will support you on that journey.

Military families

While life can be challenging at the best of times for all families, civilian or military, the families of those who serve are forced to deal with quite different circumstances, sometimes quite traumatic circumstances.

Military families and deployment, where do you start?

Military families are a special breed. Dedicated to serving their country, whether that be by serving in the military or being the spouse at home parenting, working and running a house solo while their partner is on deployment.

Delve into the grief factors, positive factors and common dynamics families experience before, during and after deployment.

  • How can families function effectively before, during and after deployment?
  • How can families successfully navigate life in the military?
  • Does communication suffer when a spouse is on assignment?
  • Is it possible to have a strong and positive marriage in the military?

These questions and more will be answered by Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas.

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What couples say about working with Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas  

Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas has worked with many couples. These couples have learned to heal their intimate relationships, rebuild their bond, and move forward in their lives together.

I don’t think my partner and I would’ve been able to make it work on our own

Our relationship needed help. The trust in our relationship had been compromised, as such, many problems were present.

What stood out the most for me was Dr. Rodriguez‘s ability to pick up on certain things that my partner and I were not even aware of at times. She was always very calm, listening to both sides of the story and providing practical tools and resources for us to use. 

Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for your kindness and trust in us!

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Former intensive client

It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all you did for us!

Thanks Dr. R! It was a great marriage retreat weekend and we are so grateful for all you did for us! We will get on our homework and schedule a follow-up soon.

Again, many thanks for helping us with your approach and care!

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Former intensive client

What you will find in Military Families; Thrive Before, During, and After Deployment


Grief Factors

We will take a look at the common challenges experienced by families. What are some of the grief factors that impact the family dynamics and a spousal relationship within a military family? 


Protective factors

Sure, life can be difficult in the military, but it can also be wonderful. So how do we know a couple stands in good stead to deal with deployment and the uncertainty that can bring to a family with strength? How do we know that even though they will be separated, they will be absolutely fine?


Before deployment

Military life means plenty of travel and time away from home. Before the service member leaves, there are some emotional changes that occur that can impact the dynamics of the relationship. 


During deployment

Jealousy, communication, and’s important to get on top of any relationship challenges or personal challenges before deployment so common emotions do not get to catastrophic and toxic levels.


After deployment

The reintegration of the service member to the relationship or the family unit can be a challenging process. This is the time dynamics across multiple relationships can be impacted both positively and negatively. Emotions are charged, and change is the only constant. Here are some common dynamics a family can be dealing with.


Self-reflection: How Is Your relationship? 

If you have identified with a number of issues outlined and your relationship feels as though it is some sort of crisis, what do you do next? 

About Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas

Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas

Dr. Rodríguez-Ubiñas has more than 20 years of experience as a family and individual therapist, and teaches educational workshops, in both English and Spanish. She has done marital therapy with couples of all sorts including military families and young couples who are becoming parents, educating them about emotional and marital changes when faced with a new baby. 

Clinically she has worked with U.S. military families and couples Stateside and in Puerto Rico. She was also a research coordinator, dealing with topics such as instrument development, schizophrenia, and cognitive functioning in elderly patients. 

She enjoys empowering couples to learn new strategies to strengthen their relationships, and make these relationships more meaningful and lasting.

Get practical advice so that you and your military family can thrive.

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Working with Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas

Therapy is not only a time to learn and to help you find new ways of interacting and growing, but also a process to enjoy.  Dr. Rodríguez-Ubiñas will work to help you to find that joy.

She is currently accepting clients and would be happy to discuss options for working together.