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A single weekend to renew your love...

"You'll have a Couples Retreat Expert for an entire weekend, devoted to helping you resolve your most formidable relationship challenges. 

Choose with confidence.

We have some of the most experienced couples therapists in the country...All with demonstrated training in science-based couples therapy"

Marriage Retreat Virginia

An individualized Couple Retreat* with just the two of you and one highly trained expert.

Now offering in-person retreats until in major cities throughout the USA.

If you're choosing between living in misery or divorcing,
there is another option.

Effective, science-based couples therapy for couples in crisis.

We now know scientifically why marriages succeed or fail!

Learn the science behind intimate bonds:

Forty years of research studying real couples, teaches that marriages die by 'fire' or 'ice'.  'Fiery' marriages divorce early. 'Icy' ones live longer without passion, or excitement.

Here's why our approach is so different:

We use a unique tool called "The BIG BIG Book." It's your personal love story that we analyze. Learning a lot about you before we start, for more effective use of face-to-face time.

Here's how our therapists are different:

Our 30+ Team has almost 600 years of combined experience. We know how to help couples!  We vary in our number of years serving couples, but all of us have extensive science-based training. 

Imagine Your Marriage Transformed into a More Passionate Union...

If you aren't getting along with the person who once meant the world to you, we can help stop your fast-moving train from careening into greater marital misery or divorce. 

You'll exit the 'divorce super-highway.'

No more endless bickering or cold-shoulder bedtimes. 

Or vacations and romantic evenings that end in disaster. 

Your Troubled Marriage Needs Skillful Care & Attention.

Ten  Certified Gottman Therapists are on our team.
Four are MASTER TRAINERS for the Gottman Institute!

Have you tried couples therapy in the past and failed?  

Do you believe that your marriage is severely, and hopelessly damaged?

A shocking 80% of therapists are convinced they already know how to do couples therapy.

 Yet only 12% of these therapists have ever completed a single course in how to help couples!

And yet, this is challenging and specialized work. Easy to get wrong. 

And then your whole world blows up...

At minimum, each of our couples therapists have at least one formal, evidence-based certificate in couples therapy.  Most have two or more methods.

You entrust us with your marriage and family.

And we take that responsibility seriously.

Divorce is costly, not just financially, but emotionally, too. 

It costs your kids, as well: 

Being together, united as a family... divorce is now the new family legacy.  And for most of us, divorce also effects our children's future financial security as well as our own.

And everything got a lot more complicated. Two houses. Two mortgages. Children running between families. Two different sets of rules.

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in adult life*, according to research. Even worse on children, despite the media hype. 

If you can, preventing it is well worth your time and energy.

*The Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale (3) indicates that divorce is the second highest stressor for humans, second only to the death of a spouse.

Are there couples retreats near me I'll benefit from?

Our over 200 client reviews are 98% positive because we pick couples who will benefit from the work that we do.

Who Should Apply

  • A Couples Retreat is designed for those in mild, moderate or severe relationship distress. 
  • Couples who are actively willing to work on their marriage/relationship.
  • Couples who are emotionally dysregulated (loud fighting, shouting, emotional outbursts, crying)
  • Couples struggling with an affair who have had time to process the implications.
  • Couples who are disconnected, distant, asexual, or cold.
  • Marriages in which one partner is selfish, bossy, irresponsible, or self-absorbed.
  • Those who are unhappily living together, separated, legally married or not.
  • Couples who have good reasons to stay married, but are ambivalent.

Who Should NOT Apply

  • We cannot accept couples who engage in regular and ongoing physical violence.
  • Where one partner is actively drug or alcohol addicted and requires in-patient care.
  • When an active and untreated mental illness is destroying your marriage.
  • When an affair was discovered within the last week. Fresh disclosures are often too stressful for immediate intensive work.
  • While still having an undisclosed affair (see us for Discernment Counseling Retreat, instead...)
  • Where one partner refuses to complete the assessment prior to the retreat.
  • When one partner is unwilling to put genuine effort into changing their marriage. If your primary  motivation is to "check the box" or "let your partner down easy," this is not for you.


Regardless of how much pain you are in, how much fighting, coldness, passionless or joyless your relationship is right now, you can exit the 'divorce super highway.' Our approach has consistent success rate for distressed couples. (1)

The severity of your problems do not predicts the likelihood of divorce or success with our methods.

Read what other couples had to say about our
 Marriage Retreat Virginia
Run by Gottman Certified, Board Certified Sex Therapist Angela Voegele:


"I feel a great sense of relief after our Couples Retreat weekend with Angela..."

"Angela was a wonderful therapist and truly advocated for both of us, and our relationship, throughout the weekend intensive.

Her approach was thoughtful, logical and easy to follow. She listened to our concerns and organized the weekend in a meaningful way to cover many of our needs.

The feedback she provided was constructive and professional. I really feel a great sense of relief after our Couples Retreat weekend with Angela.

The follow up work and reading she gave us provides the framework we need to continue the work on our own.

I would definitely recommend Angela to others looking for couples counseling."

Angela Voegele 

 /Marriage Retreat Maryland



Our relationship was very close to ending. Our core issue involved intimacy and the ability to communicate about intimate feelings. I was desperate to save my marriage. Years ago we tried traditional couples therapy and we were frustrated at the length of time invested and the lack of success.

My wife chose your organization mainly because of the intensive weekend format and the direct approach. You are also well regarded by other counselors . The specific issue causing our problems was confronted immediately. Both of us were assisted with a way to discuss the problem and come up with a plan of action.

I am confident that we are moving forward together as a couple. Angela was extremely easy to talk to about the most intimate of issues. She offered frank caring advice. She is an extremely considerate person. The format allows a couple to “get down to business” and quickly focus on the problems.  Angela has great expertise and provides practical advice. I feel closer to my wife, there is virtually no tension when we talk, and we made passionate love."

Angela Voegela
Marriage Retreat Virginia

There are less expensive alternatives...

If your relationship is strong, go to a group workshop. These lower cost group  educational offerings provide general guidance on improving your relationship.

Angela regularly runs The Art and Science of Love workshops for small groups of couples.

However, if you're in acute marital distress, get the private, one-to-one help you need.

We know a lot about you and your marriage, before you arrive... 

Like a diamond, your marriage is the hardest “jewel” in the rocky world of relationships. But with a magnifying glass, precision skill, the jeweler's tap brings out the luster.  Many marriage are rough stones with hidden brilliance.  Just waiting to shine.

Careful assessment is our "magnifying glass." "The BIG BIG Book" (which included a Gottman Assessment and a lot more...) allows us take a closer look at you as an individual in your marriage.  It's an online tool.  Completing it will have a huge impact on you, too.  Our couples tell us it was the start of their couples retreat therapy.

This online marital assessment is scored, and your words are carefully read and analyzed, side-by-side with your partner's.  We do this before we even meet.

When you arrive at this couples retreat on Friday, we'll explore your early relationship history, "The Story of Us," and with your therapist, you'll work collaboratively, constructing your most critical relationship goals during our time together.

With the help of The BIG BIG Book, you'll be asked finely-tuned questions about your marital issues.

The Focus is on Nurturing Real & Lasting Change

We're the specialists, not generalists, in helping distressed couples.Instead of seemingly endless weekly "50-minute sessions," you'll spend a solitary weekend--just the two of you...working on your marriage. 

Relaxed and away from the hassles of your everyday lives.

More couples reviews of Angela Voegele

Gottman Certified, Board Certified Sex Therapist:



"Our relationship was near the end with a lack of trust and misdiagnosis of intentions, wants, and needs. Previous couples therapy was slightly successful, but at one visit/week it had limited effectiveness. It was emotionally-based therapy.

We were nearing our end, and we needed to go all in for our last attempt. We were hesitant about hearing the truths, receiving the unadulterated diagnosis, and concerned that things would not change regardless of the therapy.

 Angela's approach to us, her ability to speak openly and honestly about our issues, and her knowledge of the Gottman Method opened up my wife so that healing could occur and it drastically altered (for the good) her misinterpretation of me, my actions, intentions, and persona. 

We liked Angela’s openness, honesty, emotion, and knowledge of our situation and Gottman. We have Increased trust, greater openness, and communication through a feeling of safety.

Angela was amazing to work with through the intense therapy. Although it wasn’t easy for me or my wife, we both came out of it with an in-depth understanding of each other, our relationship, and past family and personal hurts.

Angela help us start the healing process and we are much closer now than we ever were.

Thank you, Angela, for bringing us back together.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Absolutely do it. The benefits/potential benefits far outweigh the investment."

Angela Voegele 

 /Marriage Retreat Maryland


I appreciate very much Angela's efforts with my spouse and I during this past week. These sessions opened my eyes to many of the marriage issues between us and I believe they helped deepen our love and commitment to one another.

Also, the sessions were not as hard as I expected them to be.

Angela is that reason.

Her patience, softness and her understanding helped to bring us together and enabled us to see for ourselves what is most important in our lives and marriage.

Angela Voegele 

 /Marriage Retreat Maryland



Our relationship was strained with the weight of resentment towards each other and we were each considering that relief would come in the form of divorce. The core issue was that I felt I wasn't heard or understood and as a result wasn't motivated to be intimate with my husband, which was his chief complaint.

We tried couples therapy with a psychotherapist and it was unsuccessful.

The idea that an intense retreat, in which we could delve deep into our issues with guidance from an experienced therapist (in both couples and sex therapy), could provide us with the desperate relief our relationship needed? I just wasn't sure how effective it would be and whether it would help resolve our issues.

I liked how the administration and coordination of the therapy was handled. It was very organized, professional, and communication via email kept us informed from beginning to end. Our phone conversation with the Intake Coordinator  diminished our doubts about whether to move forward with the therapy because they were knowledgeable, articulate, and friendly. He made us feel comfortable.

Angela was an excellent therapist. She was a good listener, showed empathy and support for each of us as individuals and as a couple (meaning she didn't favor one person over the other. And she has a wonderful demeanor, which strikes a great balance between being warm and open, but also firm and direct when necessary. Angela's approach is effective, and the therapy can be life-changing if one is receptive to it and puts in the work.

Couples Therapy Inc. provided us with a cleansing of our issues. Although the work was draining, in the end, we were rewarded. I felt heard, understood, and emotionally healed afterward. It was as if a re-start button was pushed and we could begin again as a couple.

Our hope was renewed.

It planted several seeds in me that I can now reference in my mind to help me have a new perspective on a recurring situation, and create a shift not only in the dynamic between my husband and me but in the relationship I have with myself.

It provided relief from the heavy weight of anger, hurt, and resentment my husband and I were carrying; we felt lighter afterward. It gave us hope that we could succeed as a couple.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

The therapy is hard work and pricey, but it's absolutely worth your time and money.

Like anything in life that's of high quality and true great value, it comes at a cost.

Angela Voegela
Marriage Retreat Virginia



"After an affair, there were many things that were not addressed, unanswered and caused lots of issues of distrust and anger.

Calling Couples Therapy Inc. was a final effort to make it work.

Angela was amazing. 

She asked all the questions that I was wanting to ask but did not know how. She watched us argue and gave us feedback on how to communicate and repair.

We now have a new outlook on our lives and marriage. We have been given a platform where we can talk openly and frequently on many levels, daily stressors, state of the union and date nights.

We are implementing them and feel that we are able to be an even better couple than ever.

I have already recommended Couples Therapy Inc and will continue to be your biggest referral to anyone that I know can benefit from it. 

It was a lifesaver, that should speak for itself.

Angela Voegele 

 /Marriage Retreat Maryland



We wanted to improve our communication, empathy, understanding, and affection in public. We had participated in some weekly sessions before, but we realized that going that route would be a very long process. We wanted and needed faster results. Angela was very kind and her guidance came from a place with good intentions.

We're connected and have improved our relationship by learning how to take time to work on it correctly. We learned how to have real conversations again, we were in a rut before and only discussed the mechanics of the household and the schedule. We needed a defined schedule and process to work on how to be a couple again and concentrate on us, which we received. 

We needed to be taught about how to deal with anger and how to be empathetic towards each other, to avoid getting angry. We learned how to comfort one another and be compassionate which made a huge difference in repairing our relationship.

After being married for 18 years we needed a refresh and re-set and the intensive helped us accomplish what we wanted.

Angela Voegela
Marriage Retreat Virginia

Contact Us With Your Questions 

Our couples retreats are in high demand.  To secure the couples retreats near me, contact us soon and for the weekend of your choice. They book quickly.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

Marriage Retreat Outline:

  • The BIG BIG Book Online Assessment
  • 2 hour "Warm Up" session
  • Two full days:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Before You Attend, You Will:

  • Receive and complete your BIG BIG Book. It must be finished two week prior to your intensive
  • Receive directions and a list of recommended food & lodging venues.  BOOK EARLY!
  • Receive your therapist's contact phone number the day before your marriage retreat
  • Arrive early.  Rest up before your "Warm up" Session
  • Have a great couples retreat!

After Your Marriage Retreat:

  • Complete an evaluation of your experience
  • Access to continued training or online clinical work.

What You Get:

  1. 1
    A Complete, One-to-One, Private Retreat conducted by a Couples Therapist of your choice.
  2. 2
    Continue with weekly coaching or therapy
    to reinforce your learning.
  3. 3
    Access to continued training - Our  site offering online courses at a discount to you.


We regret that we cannot accept reservations without payment.

Do you hold other couples retreats near me?

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