Conducting Marriage Retreat Texas

When your not getting along with the person who was once your heart, the world becomes a stressful place. You walk on eggshells because every comment seems hostile. Your bed turns cold. Vacation planning is lackluster, and the kids are tense. What's more, we know from over 40 years of research studying couples, you're the worst judge of how bad things are. You're likely to feel hopeless and helpless about the possibility of ever turning things around.

Don't be.

We offer a concentrated form of online couples therapy that's faster, targeted (we do an extensive assessment so we know what to work on) and effective, with over 250 couples reviewing their experience helping couples in Texas.

And we have many of the most experienced couples therapists in the country, all of whom specialize in working with troubled couples.

No matter how bad it feels to you, we've seen it and helped that problem before.

Repair, don't despair

Divorce attorney's end it. We mend it.

Most marriages can go in either direction when they are in trouble. You can end it, or you can mend it. This mental health retreat in Texas is designed to compete with divorce attorneys.

Their job is to help you end your relationship. Ours is to help you to repair and reconnect, no matter how far into the ‘dark side’ you’ve both gone. Painful issues can be resolved.

intensive help is more effective

Weekly therapy is slow for a couple in crisis...

Now you can get effective, intensive personal retreats in Texas for the cost of one divorce attorney's retainer.  

Note: Not all couples qualify. Schedule a brief consultation to see if you qualify for a marriage retreat in Texas.


Only the Most Qualified

We hire only experienced specialists in helping couples intensively.


An Extensive Assessment

You'll save time and money completing this assessment at home.


Proven Scientific Effectiveness

Demonstrated over 40 years to be helpful to couples in actual long term research.

Discover our Team serving Texas
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From left to right: Marisa Mundey, Betty Alvarez, Dr. Scott Wolfe, Dr. Carolyn Arnold and Dr. Eliane Herdavi.

With 30+ clinicians, we're one of the largest and best-trained organizations devoted to science-based couples therapy. You complete our assessment instrument online. We provide you with unique insights into your relationship struggles. We're specialists. We only conduct private Couples Therapy Retreats in person and online.

We have both secular and faith-based marriage counselors to choose from. All, however, are trained in a science-based approach to helping couples. We function as a collective Team, meeting monthly and sharing our latest thinking on how to help couples. 

We invite you to try the best of what science can offer your intimate relationship.

About Couples Therapy Inc.

Healing Relationships Worldwide

We are nationwide leaders in offering couples therapy retreats across the USA and in 4 other countries. We only hire experience licensed professionals who are specialists in helping troubled couples. We also speak many languages, including Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Russian and Portuguese.

What Our Couples Are Saying

We were on the brink of divorce and had trust, infidelity, communication, partnership issues. My husband thought we couldn't possibly benefit from just three days. 

Our therapist was down to earth, genuine, kind, nonjudgmental, a good listener, creative, funny, sincere, caring, compassionate. I feel like she was truly partnering with us to save our relationship. She showed that she cared about us early on and seemed to have a vested interest in seeing us succeed together.

We've learned to love each other better than we ever thought was possible.

From the moment he spoke I found our therapist open and approachable. I enjoyed the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth. I sensed I could trust the level of expertise combined with what seemed to be a down to earth approach and unwavering integrity.  I'm relaxed. I feel respect for my husband again. We can love one another through issues.

I would absolutely recommend Couples Therapy Inc. to others. I already have and will continue to do so. Because too many couples give up instead of standing up!

Our marriage was fractured. Trust had been violated in a big way and I was reeling from my husband’s infidelity.

I was certain I would not be able to get over what my husband did.

Marisa Mundey was incredibly good at demonstrating empathy, and creating space. You can also tell that she did her homework. 

I felt heard and understood for the first time in a long time. And now I can start to heal. We know how to better communicate and ensure the other person is heard.

Trust the process. It is possible to have the marriage you want and deserve. CTI can help you get there.

The Weekend Marriage Retreat Schedule for Texas

Retreats have their own pace. Your relationship assessment continues from the instrument you complete online into the therapy room on Friday evening. It takes more than a day for you to integrate and incorporate changes to your relationship.

Our three day schedule leaves plenty of time for breaks and meals, while allowing you to spend two evenings alone. Here is the schedule:

Friday Evening Warm-up

 6-8 pm (unless otherwise scheduled)

Saturday Morning

9:30 - Noon  Videotaping & Individual Interviews 

Saturday Afternoon

1:30-4:30 PM  Feedback Session and Start of Treatment

Sunday Morning

9:30 AM - Noon  Check in and Treatment Continues

Sunday Afternoon - 

1:15- 4:15 PM  Intensive focus on Key Problem Areas - 

Late Afternoon Sunday

4:15-4:30 PM  Wrap-up and Feedback


It surprises our couples to learn how much they've changes over a weekend, and some have no need to continue. But if they want reinforcement, we have plenty of post-intensive help available to you. We'll work with you in person, online, or even in another intensive. Your therapist will know exactly the sort of help that will be most impactful to both of you.

What Makes Us Different

While dentists and brain surgeons both work on heads, these disciplines require different training and ongoing experience. The same is true for couples therapy. To be truly skilled, the counselor working with you needs to have significant experience gained after graduate school in helping couples.

Equally important, they must spend the vast majority of their professional lives working with couples. Our specialty is working with couples in an intensive format. And working with couples is all we do.

Sex Retreats in Texas

Our therapists can help you get closer in an intimacy retreat in Texas. Every assessment includes an evaluation of your sexual lives.

Demonstrated expertise

The Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy have demonstrated their effectiveness in research studies. 70-92% in clinical studies.

A Team Supports You

We aren't a collection of individuals. We're a team of couples therapists who meet together monthly to hone our teaching of relationship skills in this challenging work.


How many counselors practice in Texas?

Five. Two conduct marriage intensives in Houston and San Antonio and three are licensed/approved to legally work online or in person with Texas couples.

How quickly can our Texas intensive retreat be scheduled?

We usually need 3 weeks lead time to allow you time to complete your BIG BIG Book. Contact us for "emergency" retreats.

Can we talk to our therapist beforehand?

We urge you to. Speak to Olivia in our office to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Will insurance pay for this?

Not likely. Few insurance companies pay for couples therapy.

Which are the closest airports to this Retreat?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport for Houston and San Antonio International Airport for San Antonio. You'll receive complete directions and curated suggestions for lodging and dining when you sign up.

Who can we talk to for more information?

You'll speak to Olivia, our Intake Coordinator and office manager who will explain the process and suggest therapists to work with. She'll arrange those calls with the clinician of your choice.