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Australia’s Couples Weekend Retreat Therapy

Create a marriage that works. Provide comfort, passion, and a solid foundation to face the world together. Intensive couples therapy works effectively with marriages in crisis. 

Consider taking a couples counselling holiday to the Gold Coast in 2021. 

Learn how to speak directly to the unsettled soul and the restless heart. To heal the deepest betrayals and lies. Capitalise on travel restrictions to enhance your loving bond this year.

Reach deeply into your heart and speak your truth. Let me help you speak so powerfully that your words make an impact. Learn to listen so intently, that you truly understand your spouse, perhaps for the very first time. Develop a deeper, more nurturing bond in my couples therapy getaway.

Both of you with one professional. One couples therapy weekend. That's all it takes to resolve your most formidable relationship challenges. 

A weekend therapy retreat in NSW is based on John Gottman’s 40 years of research. It's private Gottman Couples Therapy with only the two of you that's designed to deliver results. Relationship counseling for lovers who have lost their way, and are ready to head home again.

Less pain 
          More passion

Do you harbour resentments? Let go of them and adopt new behaviours.  Release embittered attitudes, withholding, or bickering. 

I'll teach you how to de-escalate, calm down, and reach into the deepest parts of you. Those parts wanting only the very best for you and your family. Your truer protective nature.

Resolve disagreements 

This couples marriage retreat helps you to develop science-based skills to stop repetitive fights once and for all. Make progress on chronic disagreements.

Re-establish trust

A couples therapy weekend can heal an affair, a regrettable incident, or broken trust. Stop spying on the involved partner. Repair and learn to relax into love again.

Set attainable goals

Be clear on your relationship goals. Recognise their value and take active steps to make them happen. Work together as a team again.

respect in marriage

Let's talk about sex

Calmly talk about enhancing intimacy collaboratively. Introduce the erotic back into your marriage. Participate in a couples sex retreat for couples across Australia.

Choose a relationship expert near you: 

Jack O'Leary

I'm a licensed counsellor with six advanced degrees. As a skilled couples therapist I run marathon couples therapy on 2.5 consecutive days. These are private couples retreat therapy sessions. 

I'm also a husband and father of three. I know the challenges of family life whilst simultaneously keeping a marriage intimate and alive. I specialize in helping men open up to their emotions and share feelings more freely.

I work with all types of relationships across Australia. I invite you to join me on a private healing journey. Attend one of my Intensive couples weekend retreat therapy soon.

"We have seen numerous therapist over the last three years and it has, by far, exceeded all of our expectations.”

A weekend of intensive therapy for couples is more than a romantic holiday.

I'll work with relationship problems such as:

  • Managing conflict
  • Enhancing intimacy
  • Strengthening friendship
  • Improving communication

We'll begin with a State of the union assessment

This unique online instrument is designed to save you time and money. It is completed privately by each of you. You'll have a comprehensive overview of your relationship and marriage health.

It’s based upon thousands of couples just like you. You'll know which issues are to be worked on before we start. It's included in the cost of the intensive couples therapy.

Couples retreat therapy sessions:

Retreats have their own pace. Your relationship assessment continues from the instrument you complete online into the therapy room on Friday evening. 

This three day schedule leaves plenty of time for breaks and meals, while allowing you to spend two evenings alone.

Here is the schedule:

Friday Evening Warm-up

 6-8 pm (unless otherwise scheduled)

Saturday Morning

9:30 - Noon  Videotaping & Individual Interviews 

Saturday Afternoon

1:30-4:30 PM  Feedback Session and Start of Treatment

Sunday Morning

9:30 AM - Noon  Check in and Treatment Continues

Sunday Afternoon - 

1:15- 4:15 PM  Intensive focus on Key Problem Areas - 

Late Afternoon Sunday

4:15-4:30 PM  Wrap-up and Feedback

Gottman marriage retreat location:

Tweeds Head
New South Wales, Au

Tweets Head, NSW Australia Couples Sex Retreat Australia

Tweeds Head, NSW is the location of the weekend therapy retreat for couples 

About Couples Therapy Inc.

Healing Relationships Worldwide

With over two dozen clinicians in 4 countries we are leaders in offering couples therapy retreats across Australia and in 3 other countries. We only hire experience licensed professionals who are specialists in helping troubled couples. We are privately owned and speak 9 languages.

Busy lives? Condense your work.

One weekend is equal to months of weekly therapy...only better. Tackle marital heartache the way you do the rest of your life:  Head on. Then move forward with greater collective calm and emotional support.

Couples weekend retreat therapy: Faster. More powerful. Effective.

A better marriage requires changing priorities

Spend a solid weekend away from the pressures of your everyday lives. Focus only on each other. Rebuild your relationship with the latest practical cutting-edge skills using knowledge gathered from over 40+ years of researching real couples. It's private. A couples therapy weekend for the two of  you.

What others say


My issues were my partners lies, lack of accountability.... I was done with the relationship. I thought doing the therapy would be a waste of time and money.

The change was actually dramatic.

I opened up and am allowing him to prove himself to me, which was his goal for the therapy. We now have some useful tools for connecting.

 I remembered my love for him again.


[Couples Therapy Inc.] is serious business - no margaritas, group sessions or yoga classes... a science-based intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on with a skilled doctoral or masters-level couples therapist.

Leah Groth


Our relationship was broken. The trust was gone. We were hesitant to commit the time, money and stress of having to deal with our issues, not knowing there'd be a result.

Jack was amazing!

He really simplified everything so we could both see the core issues. Everything about Jack was positive. We always felt heard and understood by him. We are now open and honest and have hope for the future.

I'd definitely recommend him. 

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