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Marriage Counselling South Africa to Save Your Marriage - Intensively

Private, Time-Limited & Science-based. 

Intensive Marriage Counselling Enhance Marriages and Stops Divorce with Faster, More Effective Help.

Highly trained specialists for healing relationships.

Ours is a science-based approach

With a couples therapist now conducting Marriage Counselling for South Africa 

Learn the science behind
healing intimate bonds.

Forty years of research studying real couples, not theorists spouting beliefs. It teaches that marriages die by 'fire' or 'ice'.  'Fiery' marriages are full of anger. They divorce early. Usually in the first 5.5 years. 'Icy' marriages live without interest, affection, humor or empathy. They hang on longer, and then die on the vine. We pinpoint your problems.

Here's why our approach is so different:

We use a unique tool called "The BIG BIG Book." Over 800 questions. It's your personal relationship story that we score, read, and analyse. The Feedback Session shares what we've learned, what we think ought to change, and why. This is an assessment called the "State of the Union." Online or in a weekend retreat, we learn before we start.

Here's how our therapists are different:

We hire experienced couples therapists picked from around the world with over 531 years of combined experience. Three ran graduate programs. Some have practiced for almost 50 years!  All of us have two levels of evidence-based training but most of us have much, much more. And we only see couples, which means you'll receive specialized relationship help.

It's easy to
Get the Help You Need.

A single weekend is all it takes. Follow up with online sessions as needed.
Three ways to meet:
(1) You come to us. (2) We meet online. Or (3) we even come to you with our team of  "Fly Me" therapists.  All demonstrated experts ready to help!

Learn What a Difference Skilled Help Can Make.

More than half of our couples travel 1,600 kms to get our quality services in the USA.


The painful truth

If you've failed at Marriage Counselling, you aren't alone. While most practicing therapists claim to do Marriage Counselling, few have adequate training in this tricky modality. Were you squeezed into a 60-minute "individual block?" That's too short to be effective. Too many therapists train "on their own" with couples, learning through trial and error. It's hard for couples to find someone truly skilled. 

Choose with Confidence.

Let us explain how we do things.

A 15 minute phone call with us one evening is all it takes to learn if it's right for your marriage...


Can a single weekend really help?

Yes! Bring your most distressed problems...even if you believe divorce is inevitable Using our Intensive Marriage Counselling, you'll learn each of your contribution to this dilemma and how to change around your marital unhappiness to intimacy & closeness. "Hopeless" to "Hopeful." All in a single science-based weekend.

Read what our couples say about their experience.


And you'll find us everywhere on earth

Well maybe not everywhere, but we stretch over 19 time zones and collectively speak 9 languages. Our dream team of two dozen plus therapists are handpicked from 1000's of resumes worldwide. There are two internationally recognized science-based models of couples therapy: Gottman Method and Emotionally-Focused (or EFT). Our marriage counselors devote their practice to science-based approaches and we help them fine-tune their skills in diagnostic and marriage restoration.

We collaborate to bring you our best.

As Close as Your Laptop or a Weekend Away.

Talented international couples therapists trained in divorce-prevention.

Your marital happiness may depend upon choosing the best therapist available. Our Marriage Counselling clinicians are specialists. Don't rely on a "All Purpose Therapist" when you can be helped by Masters and Associates skilled in science-based help. And we work with a diverse clientele: busy professionals, expats living abroad, GBLTQIA, NGO's, Christian couples, engaged couples and those never wanting to marry. Rural and city-dwellers. But they share a passion for being as successful in love as they are in the rest of their lives.

You have One Life.

Live it with love. Passionately, madly, forgivingly together. You're bonded in history. Now head happily into the future. Really. It's not a fairytale.

We make it all very doable. Just add a touch of bravery.

We change "disasters" into "Masters of Marriage". But first you have to show up.

Our Marriage Counselling intensive is not suitable for every couple. Can we help you? Give us a call to find out. And read more about our team's astounding set of credentials and achievements, and our award-winning blog. Or simply call us and say "Tell me more." Our Intake Coordinator is standing by. Arrange a consult. Hey, maybe plan an exotic adventure. Safari? Surfing?  Fly fishing? We can help you make it happen...and improve your love life in the bargain. 

One weekend. A lifetime of change.

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