Healing from infidelity? Searching for a guide to help you both heal?  

Couples Therapy Inc.'s Daniel Dashnaw will support you on that journey.

Infidelity; How You Can Heal and Move On

Recover from the pain of infidelity and become stronger than before. Learn how an affair can be more than a marriage killer. It could be a crisis that transforms your marriage into a deeper, more honest bond.

Define infidelity?  Where do you start?

The pain, hurt, resentment, shock, and trauma of infidelity can be debilitating for a marriage. It can lead to strong feelings of loss, grief and despair. Many couples give up thinking everything is over but the team at Couples Therapy Inc. says otherwise.

This is when the work starts.

In this book, you will learn about infidelity and the different types of affairs, focusing on behaviors and triggers. You will discover ways in which you can deal with and heal from infidelity.

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What couples say about working with Daniel

Daniel has worked with hundreds of couples. These couples have learned to heal their intimate relationships, rebuild their bond, and move forward in their lives together.

He was perfect.

There was infidelity and illness. Daniel was fair and understood the issues.


He was the best therapist we have encountered with a specialty of infidelity and mental illness.

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Former intensive client

Invest in your relationship and take the plunge.

He was forthright about issues but supportive at the same time, able to really state when he saw effort and success but not shirking from when issues were staring him in the face.

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Former intensive client

I would highly, highly, highly recommend Daniel to any couple who is struggling.

I honestly don’t think there’s anything I can say that I didn’t like about working with Daniel! We truly enjoyed our intensive and we’re so grateful for his time with us this past weekend!

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Former intensive client

What will you find in Infidelity; How You Can Heal and Move On?


Chapter 1: Defining infidelity

How can we define infidelity? Infidelity is the result of eroded trust. What happens when trust goes from a "must" to a "bust?"


Chapter 2: The why behind infidelity

In this chapter, we'll focus on the different types of affairs. What leads a person to behave in a way they know could end badly? Many know the consequences of a hidden affair becoming public can be catastrophic for their relationship and also their lives, yet they indulge regardless. We will look at why.


Chapter 3: The impact of infidelity

In the aftermath of the disclosure or discovery of an affair, most couples are overwhelmed by pain, rage, and guilt. You might be asking "how could they do this to me?" It is a question that we often hear. Shock is held in the body and the mind. Numbness. Trance. Disbelief. And then...rumination and obsession. Learn about why these responses are triggered and how the couple can take care during these times.


Chapter 4: Dealing with infidelity

Both partners have a role in co-creating a constructive dialogue to heal and repair. The problem is that the more a hurt partner pushes for information, the more the involved partner retreats. The more the involved partner retreats, the more the hurt partner applies pressure, and what should be a heartfelt dialogue quickly becomes an escalating power struggle


Chapter 5: Recovering from infidelity

It is often assumed that discovering your partner is having an affair is a traumatic experience. Daniel explains that it is more of a useful lie. Helping a couple to heal from infidelity requires working with them to resolve the great irony of affair recovery; the perpetrator must become the healer.


Chapter 6: Moving on

What lies ahead for you as a couple? Follow the path of healing and forgiveness. Learn the importance of navigating conflict effectively and establishing grounding rituals together.

About Daniel Dashnaw, MFT

Daniel Dashnaw

Daniel P. Dashnaw, MS, MA, MFT is a marriage and family therapist and specializes in the "pervasive traumas of life": painful affairs, developmental trauma, sex addictions and angry, fighting couples. He conducts his couples therapy online and in an intensive retreat format.


He has advanced training in The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and the Developmental Model of helping couples.

He is Editor of an award-winning blog and is an Intake Coordinator at Couples Therapy Inc.

Get practical affair recovery advice so that you and your partner can heal and  move on.

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This is what our clients tell us about working with Daniel

Past infidelity continued to haunt us.

Daniel did a thorough review of our background information; a skillful analysis with a frank approach. We really felt that he understood us and had the skills and commitment to help. He built rapport and trust early in the process so that we could freely discuss our issues. He reminded us of what we were doing right and coached us through how to improve in the weaker areas.

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Former intensive client

We attended the retreat for an affair recovery intensive.

Daniel was real, down to earth and did not sugar coat anything, which is exactly the way we are. We immediately felt comfortable in that we could be ourselves and it wasn't going to be a wasted weekend. I would recommend him to people who are realists and who are interested in not beating around the bush.

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Former intensive client

Thank you Daniel for making our transition from angry to loving.

Daniel got straight to the point of our issues without judgment or blame game - nothing negative. Hats off to him! We now have a deeper respect and knowledge of what our partner is truly thinking when we are playing a much different scenario of the situation in our own minds. 

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Former intensive client

Working with Daniel

Daniel has a passion for couples therapy. He has completed Levels I, II, and III of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and an Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Daniel is also trained and experienced in Discernment Counseling. 

Daniel is currently accepting clients and would be happy to discuss options for working together.