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Sometimes your partner isn't on board, that's when we recommend; couples therapy for one, individual help that is marriage-friendly.

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Why hopeful spouse coaching is your best bet

Multiple research studies have observed that when a therapist treats a married client in individual therapy, the odds go up that the marriage will end up in divorce.

If divorce isn't your goal, that's important to consider...and there’s more!

When a couple attempts to improve their marriage by hiring two individual therapists, (one partner's individual therapist and one for the other partner), the risk of divorce is even higher.

Incredible as it may seem, concurrent individual therapy results in the highest probability for divorce.

Here is the essential idea. Couples therapy for one (also called Hopeful Spouse Coaching) is emphatically marriage friendly.

Your coach will help you deconstruct your fights and help you to pragmatically take a different approach. The clinical emphasis is on discovering what you say and do that matters to your marriage.

Couples Therapy for One is also empowering because your therapist is actively coaching you to be a better spouse. The therapist helps you to create a series of behavioral changes that invite your partner to respond in kind.

Dr. Kathy McMahon (Dr. K)

Couples Therapy Inc. competes with divorce attorneys. We aim to preserve your family, while they are hired to divide you, one against the other.

Couples Therapy Inc, Founder and President

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New studies show that spouses who receive critical relationship-skills training in Hopeful Spouse Coaching will see just as much improvement in their relationships as if they both were in couples therapy.

The best science-based couples therapy involves teaching both spouses effective conflict management. Partners have different ways of interpreting each other’s behavior and engaging with each other. This difference inevitably invites conflict, which is typical and predictable.

Good couples therapy helps partners identify their negative cycles when they interact with each other. But Hopeful Spouse Coaching teaches a spouse to notice their own individual part in perpetuating and reinforcing negative patterns.

Most importantly Hopeful Spouse Coaching teaches a spouse how to behave differently to promote lasting change with their partner. This form of coaching is inherently pragmatic; focused on noticing what works, and what doesn’t.

Hopeful Spouse Couples Therapy for One is not only marriage friendly…it’s also marriage-focused. Individual therapy tends to be neither.

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Our Coaching Fees

Coaching session fees are between $150 and $275 depending upon the education, location, and experience of your therapist and length of session. Most sessions are 55 minutes although some coaches offer extended sessions.

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