Introducing Dr. Paulette Sherman

Dr. Sherman is a psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, prolific author, and life coach.

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New York

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Psy.D. Widener University, Chester, PA, (Clinical Psychology) 1999. Specialization: Clinical Psychology, Family Therapy Track, School Psychology Certificate

Dissertation: "Playing Among the Dead: How Play Fosters Psychological Survival."

M.A. Widener University, Chester, PA (Clinical Psychology) 1997.
Masters Honors Thesis - "The Effects of Divorce on a College-Age Population."

B.A. Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO    (Psychology), 1993. Cum Laude


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

State of Pennsylvania: #PS009138L
State of New York:  #015314

Evidence-based Models

Advanced Training in the Gottman Method

Certified Discernment Counselor

Gottman Seven Principles Leader

Additional Certifications & Trainings

Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching

 Manalapan, NJ.Certified Empowerment Coach (specialized in Relationship Coaching). 2004.

Certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists


  • ‘Woman of the Year' in Psychology for NY State in 2013, by the National Association of Professional Women
  • Named one of the Top 27 Relationship Experts in an article from: Her Aspiration.
  • Who’s Who in American Women
  • Who’s Who in Medicine & Healthcare
  • 2009 COVR Visionary Award Finalist

Practice Values

I’ve been a couples therapist for over 17 years. Marriage is a partnership that effects everything across the lifespan and it has intergenerational impact. Many relationship skills carry over into other life areas like learning to listen, how to vulnerably share, how to have a soft start up, and more. Having a great partnership is the foundation of all that you do, including creating happy families.

I enjoy working with couples preparing for the next stage in a relationship, and marital partners looking to work through issues and to strengthen their partnership and family.

My passion is for working on a deeper level to help couples grow and transform themselves as individuals, as well as a couple, so as to benefit their whole lives. I’m delighted by couples who can embrace their differences and take responsibility to learn and grow, individually and as a couple. I get deep satisfaction when people are confronted by parts of themselves that surprise them, like defenses or old wounds and they are able to release or heal them.  It is beautiful when they recognize that they are replaying old unconscious patterns that they didn’t choose and recognize that they can practice doing things differently.

Work Summary

I've worked in a variety of settings earlier in my career. I've worked with oppositional teens in a residential program, as a college counselor and with an elderly population. I've helped children with medical issues and toddlers with their professionals teaching them how to develop a problem-solving approach. I've been a nursery school teacher and a counselor to terminally ill children and their families.

I started working with couples as a psychologist and coach, and wrote a dating book, 'Dating from the Inside Out.’ That project led to the formation of a dating school in Manhattan. My career broadened to become a relationship expert who has written books, podcasts and numerous articles in popular newspapers and magazines.

I’ve seen many kinds of couples at stages, ages and nationalities. I love to see these relationships thrive and become a team. My goal is to help daters prepare for a more meaningful and deeper intimate relationship. With couples, I want them to hear one another and to help their relationships thrive.  

I also host a podcast, called, The Love Psychologist.

As an online instructor, I've taught nearly 7000 students in 110 countries, and was an adjunct professor at two New York institutions.

Personally Speaking

I'm a life-long New Yorker who recently moved to Media, PA from Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn. While I was in Brooklyn, I loved living by the ocean and being near water. I have given that up to have more space and good schools for my kids.

It’s never to late to grow, change and create new parts of ourselves. Now instead of exploring NYC by cab and subway,  I've bought a new VW Beetle, and am taking Drivers Ed courses. I'm learning to drive at the age of 51.

I’ve been married 15 years and we have two kids. They are preteens and I’m forever thinking of ways to get them off their devices and to enjoy life in the moment.

My mom was a psychoanalytic therapist and had a masters in early childhood. She was a wonderful therapist and supervisor who changed the lives of many. She believed in doing the work to make the world a better place. She loved her work and did it until she died. Her heartbreak was giving it up once her Parkinson’s was too advanced. She inspires my work.

My dad owns an executive search firm and still does this at age 83. He wanted to be a social worker and loves to interview people and he believes in therapy and groups. My dad loves connecting with people and is great at finding out what makes them tick. His skill is matching them with their strengths and desires. He is an innovative leader who is willing to try new things and grow.

Both parents loved their work and had strong work ethics. I got my love of therapy from my mom and my love of matching people with their desires from my dad.

My mom had a joie de vivre and a sense of wonder about life and culture and trying interesting things. I’m hoping to impart this to my own children. I want my children to explore and be excited about life and be creative in their approach. When they were younger I created a 6 hour class on spiritual parenting. I offered it free to every parent during the COVID lockdown.

I’m outgoing, friendly, creative, unique and persistent. I often succeed at what I start. If I really want it, I find a way. I do not give up easily on people or things that I care about and I tend to have faith and look for the highest good in people and causes.

I’m also willing to try new things and to stay the course when things get rough. Couples need someone to keep the faith when they feel lost and to hold the space for them.

State Street:  Media, Pennsylvania's delightful thoroughfare.


I love to go into nature by myself or with family and to relax. We have exploration family days on Saturday and Friday is date night with my husband. We have done this for 18 years. I also like to read, write, see friends, watch movies, take classes and I’m starting a woman’s group soon.

I have many hobbies. I went to the HS of Performing Arts in NYC as a vocal major and love music and singing. I had breast cancer at age 41 and decided then and there leave a legacy by writing 100 books. I’ve written 26 books so far.  

I enjoy teaching, speaking, facilitating workshops and learning about spirituality. I love to find new ways to connect to Spirit and our higher purpose. I value the relaxing power of baths and wrote a book called: "The Book of Sacred Baths" published by Llewellyn. 

I’m also a ROM-Com and Hallmark movie aficionado.

Clinical Office

My clinical office is in my home in Media, PA. My home office is unique, created around a "love theme" for fun. I have signs about love, a heart rug, love mugs and two comfy twin arm chairs in pinks, red and white. I have a little pink mini fridge and lots of books.

I raided the HomeGoods store on Valentines Day with my son to decorate it, with marital retreats in mind. It’s a larger room with a bay window. It is an intentional space for couples to relax and move forward.

Our new hometown is adorable. It struck me as a Hallmark movie town because it’s beautiful and quaint and has a walkable town center with shops and restaurants and a trolley. The motto is: ‘Everyone’s Hometown.’

Philadelphia is a 30-minute drive while NYC is 1.5-2 hours drive.

 Nearby is Linvilla Orchards which has hayrides, fresh fruit and vegetables, a beer garden and seasonal events. There are at least 10 colleges within a 30 minute drive including Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, Villanova and LaSalle.

"I had breast cancer at age 41 and decided then and there to leave a legacy by writing 100 books.

I’ve written 26 books so far..."