Couples Therapy

Why Couples Therapy Inc is different

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

Thank you for joining us for Upgrade Your Couples Therapy. Here you will find all of the resources that you need to get the most out of an online intensive weekend with Couples Therapy Inc.

You will also find helpful tips when you are working with any couples therapist.

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Dr. Kathy McMahon's own relationship challenges drove her to create a format to help troubled couples that is easier, more successful, and more powerful than a weekly program. Now Couples Therapy Inc sees couples in an online intensive format across the globe in the comfort of their own homes. 

Couples Therapy Inc is a worldwide practice devoted to healing ailing lovers. The team is a carefully selected science-based group of clinicians as broad and diverse as our World, including both secular and religious licensed counselors.

Our view of marriage respects diverse points of view, but never strays too far from proven, demonstrated-to-be-effective methods.

This course will introduce some insight into marriage, into what successful therapy can look like, and what you can expect from our team at Couples Therapy Inc.