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Keep the momentum going

Lesson 16 Module 3

The Big Mo…Why Momentum is Important

Couples Therapy Inc. is one of the largest couples therapy practices of its kind. Our practice is international and we speak 9 languages. We have worked with hundreds of couples from all over the world. At the risk of sounding arrogant, our team of over 30 therapists has well over 5 centuries of experience conducting science-based couples therapy.

We want our growing client population to build couples therapy momentum and achieve steady progress after their Couples Therapy Intensive.

Sustaining momentum after your retreat is all about consolidating your gains by laying down new interactive patterns. The effectiveness of your Intensive experience often hinges on implementing specific concrete behavioral changes that you co-created during your Couples Therapy Intensive as committed intimate partners.

Couples therapy momentum also depends on your willingness to actively engage in these new ways of thinking and experiencing, and applying the tools and skills that you acquired during your intensive experience. However, your individual and collective ability and willingness to tolerate some initial discomfort will be a key factor in your success.