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A little more about Couples Therapy Inc. from Dr. K

Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 1

My own relationship challenges drove me to create a format to help troubled couples that is easier, more successful, and more powerful than a weekly program.

We now see couples in an intensive format or online from across the globe in the comfort of their own homes.

We're a worldwide practice devoted to healing ailing lovers. I have hand-picked a science-based team as broad and diverse as our World, including both secular and religious licensed counselors.

Our view of marriage respects diverse points of view, but never strays too far from proven, demonstrated-to-be-effective methods.

This course will offer some insight into marriage, into what successful therapy can look like, and what you can expect from our team at Couples Therapy Inc. You can find even more information on our website.

While I have your attention I want to tell you about the ‘Cinderella School of Couples Assessment’

When I was a kid, I liked watching Cinderella.

I particularly liked the Rodgers & Hammerstein's song “Impossible”:

But the world is full of zanies and fools

Who don't believe in sensible rules

And won't believe what sensible people say.

And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes,

Impossible things are happening every day.

I was told couples weren’t motivated enough to complete even the stand-alone Gottman assessment before the first session.

It’s a common belief in the field of couples therapy. We’re told:

“Clients are just not motivated.”

And every day, at Couples Therapy Inc, we’re doing the “impossible.”

The extensive assessment we call “The BIG BIG Book” is why we’re so successful.

880 Questions.

That takes a quite a bit of time to complete.

Do you have the time to wait while a therapist asks these kinds of questions to each of you, before ever tackling “therapy”?

How many weeks of sessions are you willing to spend while they write down notes on what you say?

Here’s some facts from our client files and you tell me if you’d like us to know this before we start messing around in your personal life:

You were abused as a kid.

Your partner has an undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.

You have different “sexual styles.”

Your husband or wife has little motivation to work hard at changing around your marriage.

Your “attachment style” makes it really hard for you to have stable emotions in your love life.

Wouldn’t this be great for your therapist to know BEFORE they start telling you how they plan to help you?

Of course it would.

But common wisdom is that “clients aren’t motivated to fill this stuff out.”

What’s your marriage worth to you?

I suppose if you assume that it’s someone else’s job to pay for your troubled relationship (like your insurance company) that might be true.

These folks aren’t our clients.

Our clients are highly motivated to hire the very best couples therapists they can find on the planet.

Because their marriage is more important to them than money. Or their next vacation (which they won’t enjoy anyway…). Or cable television. 

Like millionaires, they know that you can’t replace a spouse like you change your socks. That’s why millionaires have statistically gone through 3 financial disasters BEFORE making their first millions…and have kept the same spouse throughout.

We’re not just for the rich. We’re for anyone who has a rich appreciation for how valuable a good marriage is.

If you have an “impossible marriage” we're probably the right group for you.

I hope that this course will give us a chance to introduce ourselves and tell you a little more about how (and why) we do the work that we do.

Warm regards,

Dr. K