Couples Therapy is incredibly hard work.

So hard, in fact, that many couples think it is going to take months, even years of weekly sessions to make a dent in their problems.

We respectfully disagree.

Our experience tells us that if you are willing to do the hard work to improve your relationship, a lot can get done in a weekend. Or, if you choose, over three months. Either way it will take your utter focus to reshape your relationship, not years of your time.

Let us share with you the feedback of actual client that have completed our concentrated couples therapy.

How our couples described their marriages before coming


Before we called Couples Therapy Inc, our relationship had become strained. We would bicker over the littlest things and often ignore the big issues completely. Every conversation threatened to turn into a confrontation. 

We had a solid relationship with some issues like how to deal with children/family, time investment in each other, and intimacy. 

Our relationship was very close to ending. Our core issue involved intimacy and the ability to communicate about intimate feelings.


Although we loved each other, our relationship was very difficult. We would get quickly triggered by each other, become defensive or would stonewall, and felt like nothing we tried or did ever improved the situation. We were at our wit's end and were contemplating a trial separation.

On the brink of divorce. 

Terrible. An affair and bad communication.

We felt a deep bond and history together but were in a gridlock. 


My husband thought I was always blaming or attacking him when I was trying to communicate my needs and desires to connect. He would shut down rather than engage...

We were lost, confused and very frustrated.

We were like room mates who didn’t get along. We had no emotional connection, rarely agreed on anything and needed to address the break down of our marriage.


We were stuck – a sexless marriage with growing resentment.

We had become very distant from each other, very little communication or intimacy. We were at a decision point of whether to stay together or separate.

I had just found out my husband wanted to leave…I was trying to save our marriage.

Our relationship was cold and icy. We didn't fight much, if at all.

My husband and I were really just roommates for a long time, not communicating with each other at all. We would go over and over the same issues and never be able to improve or make any progress.


Infidelity—I discovered that my husband had been unfaithful in the marriage that left me feeling devastated, alone, betrayed, angry, confused, and aggrieved. I was not sure how to handle the situation on my own.

We fight and cannot deescalate.

Our relationship was good, and we wanted a better way to argue. Sex was a really big issue as well.


Before we contacted CTI we were; unhappy, teetering, with a poor ability to connect and manage conflict.

Our relationship was very rocky. A lot of mood swings, A lot of silence, A lot of being short with each other, some trust issues, disrespectful. Issues for improvement-I wanted to have my manhood back that was so deeply taken away--I am an expert craftsman, very seldom I was told "wow, Honey that looks great," "That will really improve the value of our house," "our friends and family will really enjoy your work as well."

My husband had threatened to leave.

We were planning for a divorce.

We had a difficult time opening up to one another and getting past the boredom and dullness of a 7-year marriage with kids.

Real, science-based help.

Our work is based on couples therapy research trusted for over 40 years. Our Team consists of 30+ expert couples therapists with 500+ years of collective experience.

Cross-trained in several prominent evidence-based models, our couples therapists are available throughout the USA, and in Canada, the UK and Australia. You are sure to find couples therapy close to home.

Couples want to know if their marriage is worth fighting for...

We can describe what's wrong and how to fix it, but it's up to you to pull yourselves up and into the 70%-90% of couples helped by science-based couples therapy. Gottman's research is famous for being able to predict the success of a relationship with 94% accuracy. However impressive, this figure is in the aggregate and it is not predictive of an individual relationship. Nevertheless, such research enables Gottman Therapists to hone in on destructive patterns and redirect the couple to learn more effective approaches.

First study, then intervene.

We’ve built our reputation around working effectively with the toughest couples. And they work with us, by providing a colossal amount of information as a warm-up, before we ever meet. It takes you hours to complete and us a half a day just to score, read and study your every word, but it's the start of your incredible journey.

We work in blocks of time to radically stop a couple's fast-moving train to greater misery or divorce. We can even help a good marriage become a great one. As a couple wrote about our assessment tool::

"The BIG BIG Book helped the therapist, but it also helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings, so that is a very helpful tool. I think that the expertise of the therapist was crucial..."

Comprehensive and revealing.

The most extensive assessment available today.

We call it "The BIG BIG Book." Done at home and online it contains almost 1000 vital questions you'll each answer about yourself and your relationship.

Our clients share their thoughts

On the BIG BIG Book


take it seriously

Take the BIG BIG Book seriously. It helped the therapist know us before we met.

...Our therapist really did her homework and through the BIG BIG Book knew us and understood how to manage the sessions to optimize the benefit to us. It was a truly amazing experience that I never received in all of my therapy.

...The BIG BIG Book is a lot of work - but is an invaluable resource to couples and your therapist.



You may wonder about the pre-work assigned for the intensive weekend but it is amazing how important it is and that you are 100% honest in your responses.

...Be open and honest when completing the BIG BIG Book.

...The BIG BIG Book took many hours to fill out, but that gave us complete confidence that our therapist knew all about us before we even met with her that first evening.




Our therapist really seemed to study our BIG BIG Book. She knew so much about us before we ever showed up. We never felt like strangers around her.

...Be thoughtful and honest with your responses.The BIG BIG Book can really help you learn a lot about yourself and the relationship as well as focus in on what is most important to address during the intensive.

On the effort it takes to do the work



It's very intense, you will leave absolutely worn out (in a good way).

I would say that the long days were really great - draining, but great.

...Yes, it is expensive and exhausting, and it saved our relationship when we'd literally tried everything else.

...It was an exhausting, draining, life-giving weekend.

...It was an intense, weekend, but very very helpful.


It's work

Be prepared to do the work and don't expect your therapist to fix your problems for you, rather the therapist is there to give you the tools to do the work yourselves.

The therapy is hard work and pricey, but it's absolutely worth your time and money. Like anything in life that's of high quality and true great value, it comes at a cost.


Take It Seriously

.. It’s important to be willing to take the process seriously. We were both really interested in doing this weekend and I think that helped us.

I would recommend both if couples truly want to dig in and work on the core issues of the relationship...

Be ready to work. Be ready to collaborate. Be willing to explore things about yourself you need to improve.

On working with previous therapists

My partner and I visited two therapists before finding Couples Therapy Inc. Both were completely inadequate in terms of content and continuity. The sessions were 60-min long and we often had a difficult time resolving any conflict within that time. Also, we often had to wait for weeks or even a month between sessions, which made it difficult to build any momentum. Meanwhile, we'd suffer during that time with absolutely no support from our therapist. Lastly, our therapist had to rely on notes they took from our previous sessions and would often forget what we talked about, ask us to repeat something or miss important issues. After attending Couples Therapy Inc's Intensive Marriage Retreat, I honestly wouldn't consider any private therapists, even to support the groundwork CTI put in place.

More on working with previous therapists...

couples talk about Previous therapy:

not great

We had tried other couples therapy for a short time. We stopped going when the therapist was unable to offer any type of assistance or even ideas of things to try or think about in any area. It was very disappointing.

50 minute sessions only aggravated the situation and started the fights...We tried three different "therapists" but none of them understood our issues and tried to minimize them. We didn't feel that we were heard or understood....

Yes, we're seen 6 other therapists before this. Our relationship continued to degrade...


just sat there

Other therapists that we'd been to just kind of sat and asked us to open up about our feelings, but they never taught us concrete techniques and skills to use with each other.

...We had been to five different therapists before trying CTI. No one could “crack the code”. In the first 20 minutes of our first session, our CTI therapist had “cracked the code” of our problem.


Months into days

What would need months took 2.5 days...

...Scheduling time away is a complicated endeavor for busy people. Given our checkered past with couples therapy, the cost was a blind investment without knowing if we would achieve the desired outcome. The entire process was a giant leap of faith for us. Desperation + a novel approach to therapy = giant leap of faith.

...After 37 years and two marriages, I was able to be heard! When couples have problems like we had, this would be the only way to correct them. Seeing someone for 45-minutes once a week would not work.

On their hesitation about starting


Would it work?

We didn't want a "touchy/feely" therapist since both of us are engineers. I'm a data person. Seeing the results of our assessment and her interpretation, made all the difference. Seeing how compatible we actually were and where we need to focus to move forward was very powerful for both of us.

...When we chose Couples Therapy Inc., we were looking for experts. We didn't know whether one weekend would make a difference and whether virtual sessions would be effective.

We just decorated the Christmas tree together with our family rather than apart, in different homes. We realized that our relationship is not only repairable, but that we were so lucky to have found someone we are so compatible with.

...Our biggest worry was that it wouldn't work, or worse yet it might send us even further down a dark spiral.

...I was hesitant that it would lead to my realizing we couldn't work as a couple.

...I had concerned it would be the final nail in the coffin for our marriage.



My husband believed it would be all about making him the bad guy.

...I was, admittedly, a bit worried that I would be attacked and admonished throughout the weekend.

... I think most men are likely a little resistant, which is why we chose a male therapist, and it was perfect for my husband to actually engage and not just feel like 'we are here talking about our feelings.'

...This was our first time in couples therapy, we were hesitant because we thought that it would be a “bash the husband" session.


Incredibly Personal

Couples therapy is incredibly personal. I was worried about what my partner would say and I was worried about the vulnerability I would feel in expressing my true feelings.."


We could take a vacation!

When we first researched the retreat weekend, we said: "we could go on an amazing vacation together for this price" but we quickly realized that we would come home from that vacation no better off than we left.

...The financial and time commitment and the fact that insurance would not cover it was difficult to swallow. But it is something you cannot afford to put off. The alternative is much more expensive.

...I was really dreading it, but came out feeling much better not only with my marriage, but about myself.


On the fees we charge


Not Cheap

Our only hesitation was just the cost. It is not cheap.

...It is a lot of $, I just thought it would be the same as the others. I'm so glad I was wrong. OMG-Already my wife has treated me with respect. She has changed her attitude towards me. I get complimented!

With the cost associated and the hoops to jump through getting childcare, it's high risk...It is an investment worth making.


comparisons to purchases

This was no small amount of money for us to spend, but if you're at your wit's end, it's worth every penny.

...You looked trustworthy and like real people who live in the real world. Like the real deal. Professional, intelligent, honest. 

...The price was comparatively good...

...A lot of married couples lose what they have over the years and take each other for granted. They'll invest money in a house or car, when their relationship is most important.


compared to divorce

Even if you don’t think you have the time or the money to do this, make the time and find the resources. This is your life together, this is more important that a trip or a new car.

...Spend the money. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than a divorce. Go for it! Turn it into a vacation.

...I think without it, we would have gone through with an unnecessary, costly, divorce and thrown away a lifetime of future togetherness with our family. 

Too little or too much therapy?


Too Little?

I was interested in an intense therapy that would tackle our issues in a short amount of time.

Before I called Couples Therapy Inc. the relationship was over for me...


too much?

We needed to work on trust and intimacy. We were concerned, however, that an Intensive would be too much. Instead, the intensive allowed for a deeper dive, instant practice on repairing with each other, and a chance to start the earnest repair sooner than we would have.


having Fun?

Make the leap of faith as long as both of you connect with the therapist. Do not be thwarted by the time commitment or cost. It is truly an investment in the fitness of your marriage and future happiness. It was a shock to us, but turns out you can have fun while healing your marriage.

Client descriptions of our couples therapists

"A gifted therapist who can help you is hard to find. Keep searching until you do."

Dr. Mike McNulty was fantastic...He is the most gifted therapist we have ever worked with. Very engaged, genuinely interested in helping incredible therapist and teacher. He was incredibly skilled at staying present with the emotions that came up and patient with each of us so we could stay on the topic and go deeper. He was also very empathic.

Marisa was fantastic! Strong yet gentle direction during activity practice. Able to steer and focus both partners. Marissa is a very gifted therapist. I loved everything about her. She has the perfect demeanor and sees right to the heart of the situation without scaring anyone away. 

Daniel was wonderful. He is simply brilliantly good! Blunt and straight to the point yet understanding and did not choose sides of who is right or wrong. His insight and experience were exceptional. Daniel is a hero for both my wife and me. We often toast to him. I like his no BS style.

Dr. K had a great way of talking to one of us in a way that we could both hear. Even though she was giving us some pretty harsh feedback at times, it always felt like she had our best interests at heart...I am a therapist and Dr. K was the best therapist I have ever met. Sense of humor, communication direct, respectful and compassionate...I liked her toughness and depth of knowledge.

I would highly recommend Dr. Doug Burford. He is a caring and compassionate man that truly had an interest in helping us learn to better communicate and understand what things are influencing the way we communicate...He was absolutely great.

I want to thank Couples Therapy Inc. and Dr. Evelyn De Villiers for such an amazing experience. In my life, it will always be remembered as a positive experience no matter where my marriage ends up.

Jack O'Leary was amazing! I'd definitely recommend him. He really simplified everything so we could both see the core issues. Everything about Jack was positive. We always felt heard and understood by him. He was genuine, challenging, caring and flexible.

Jillyn Kaufman was wonderful to work with. We both felt like she really listened to us and validated both of our perspectives. She was very skilled in translating for one another, getting to the root issue of our problems.

Tim Donovan was a great resource. He conducted a very structured and well-crafted intensive. He created an open and safe environment and expressed clearly the objectives in every step of the process. He was great.

Dr. Carolyn Arnold was amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better fit for both of our personalities than her. She was very intuitive about who we are as people and I left knowing myself better than I ever have. Dr. Arnold is just a phenomenal human being, and I am so thankful to have done this therapy with her.

Jenny Fang was amazing. She is a consummate professional with the requisite expertise and experience needed to help with very deep relationship issues.  I liked her perception in the moments and ability to identify our issues.

Angela Voegele  was amazing, insightful, and compassionate. Tough and no-nonsense. She wasn't shy to call out our bad behavior with each other. Her skillful approach instilled hope from our first day of meeting. She is incredibly talented, warm, comforting, and insightful.

Dr. Patricia Gorman was fantastic at listening to each of our sides, validating us, and bringing attention to what would work to build our bridges of differences.... She was amazing...Thank you, Dr. Gorman. You are a wonderful person and the best therapist we have ever met. to help us open up and be honest with each other in a safe environment.

What stood out the most for me was Dr. Heide Rodriguez‘s ability to pick up on certain things that my partner and I were not even aware of at times...She is great to work with. She made each of us feel heard, understood and capable of making changes. 

Havi Kligfeld was GREAT. We can't recommend her enough...she was a great listener, she made spot-on observations, was objective and compassionate, had lots of tips and tools. She is a very effective therapist and I wish we had more time with her.

Dr. Scott Wolfe was fabulously safe and non-judgmental. I enjoyed working with him. His compassion and ability to create an environment that was safe to express were my favorite qualities. He was calm, gave good perspective and provided tools to help us. It was great to have his maturity and experience as a contribution.

 Catherine Pfuntner is a brilliant, highly skilled therapist. She created a safe container. I trusted her. She listened deeply. She clearly had studied the BIG BIG Book. She was empathetic, compassionate and honest.

Havi Kligfeld was GREAT. We can't recommend her enough...she was a great listener, she made spot-on observations, was objective and compassionate, had lots of tips and tools. She is a very effective therapist and I wish we had more time with her.

Debbie Woodall-Carroll showed empathy, patience, listening, and reframing. My husband came to see why I'm so scared of his actions. The light bulb turned on. Debbie was so easy to talk with.

Dr. Eliane Herdani is amazing and we really connected with her. She was very kind and spoke with compassion for our situation and allowed us space to be vulnerable with each other. Eliane gave us communication tools to help in the future.

Rebecca Lanier was non-biased and to the point. There is a method to the madness and it isn’t just you sharing your feelings while others share their untested opinion. This weekend was so powerful, and I cannot thank you enough. I can honestly say it was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life.



Faster Help

."..It doesn't seem possible but 6 hours of therapy a day with her felt like it went by faster than 1 hour with our previous marriage counselor."

"...The work we did in 2.5 days was incredible and could not have been accomplished with weekly one hour sessions with a therapist."

"I would tell other couples that in spite of the length, the weekend seems to fly by and I can't imagine how my wife and I would stay together without the learning what we learned..."

." is so much better to have a dedicated period of time without distractions to concentrate on your relationship."

"Using my husband's words, this weekend helped us more than 3 years of couples therapy did! We were amazed at what was accomplished in such a short time."


"What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy INc.?"

"Don't hesitate! Go into it with an open heart and an open mind and you’ll come away more aware of how to have a healthier, more loving relationship."

"...To move forward and do it. It is worth every penny."

"It may seem so intimidating but it will be the best thing you do for your relationship. If you are at the end of your rope, don’t give up. CTI WILL help you. Your relationship will never be the same."

"It definitely works if you come prepared to do the work."

"It is well worth your time, effort, and money if you truly want to grow in each other’s love and grow your marriage."

"It is an investment worth making."

"I would encourage them to do so. It is amazing how much difference it makes when couples are able to communicate respectfully and effectively. We felt for the longest time that we were "going in circles" during our discussions and never made any meaning."

"You have absolutely nothing to lose. At very least you will get a lot of questions answered in regards to how you and your spouse are feeling and where they are coming from."

"The weekend intensive experience is well worth the expense in time and money."

"It is something you cannot afford to put off. The alternative is much more expensive."

"Go with an open mind and heart. It is definitely worth the investment in your relationship."

"I can't say enough positive things about our experience."

"Don't hesitate! Take the leap and do it! The weekend was so fun for us. We were sad to see it over on Sunday night!"

"I can't imagine any couple not benefiting from a weekend Intensive session."

"Do it. You will not be disappointed."


Dramatic Change

"This is the most excited I've felt about my marriage and my life since our wedding. My kids have their dad back home. I feel hope for the first time in a long time. I no longer feel like I have to choose between work and marriage."

"It was life-changing and marriage-saving!"

"The change was actually dramatic. I opened up and am allowing him to prove himself to me, which was his goal for the therapy."

"It was a powerful weekend - that we both enjoyed. We both came away with a fresh perspective on each other. We have a deeper understanding of why each of us reacts the way we do on certain issues." 

"I never expected to come away from the weekend feeling so much empathy for my partner and what he went through. I felt a deep connection to and affection for him that had been buried under all that anger for many years..."



Practical knowledge

"I learned more in two days than I had ever learned in all the classes and reading I had ever had about how to actually have a lasting, loving relationship, and what a relationship even is, or even how to communicate."

"For someone to explain "why" and give you the tools to communicate effectively with understanding of your own personal weaknesses and strengths is priceless. It may be a generic pattern that is helpful to anyone, but without guidance and practice under supervision it just doesn't make sense."

"We never had anyone explain how to work together to overcome severe historical and recent traumas."

"It was not only "talk therapy" but educational, with proven methods and educational materials with lots of practice and support in those techniques. I developed a new understanding of my husband and his point of view."

"We took an 180-degree turn. We developed a new shared story, techniques to manage conflict with extended "speaker-listener" techniques, and my husband learned to "see my pain" and to renew his supportive role in my life. A few happened in therapy, but the time we spent together AROUND the therapy was where we had the most amazing breakthroughs. So therapy was a catalyst for us to rediscover our ability to heal. We were on the wrong road and this weekend put us on the right road."

"We came away from our weekend  completely certain that, thanks to our therapist, we had the skills we had needed to bring happiness to our relationship, just as we'd hoped. We have very specific ways of handling the kinds of problems we were experiencing, as well as the higher level conceptual understanding of how it all works together."


Different than weekly work

"This is nothing like the other counselling we tried. I am glad we did not stop searching for help."

" extremely beneficial 2-day "total immersion" which was much more effective than piecemeal 50-minute therapy sessions." 

"I was eager but anxious about the weekend format, as I knew it would be emotionally intense. Having said that, I knew the long sessions would be better because we could really get to the issues and not have to stop after 50 minutes..."

"I think it would be very difficult to achieve with a series of conventional therapy appointments."

"The sheer amount of time you get to devote to the marriage is valuable. The scientific approach made sense as well."

"I highly recommend CTI. I couldn't imagine a better way to gather the tools to work on a successful relationship."

"Couples Therapy Inc has restored my faith in marriage counseling."


Would You Recommend Couples Therapy Inc?

"I would recommend them as a FIRST option."

"We would recommend Couples Therapy Inc. without a doubt. In terms of the process, I really appreciated how we were systematically reminded of what was working well between us and how important those things are..."

"Yes, a million times."

"It is a leap. Forget all the worry and the questions and just do it. You will not have any regrets. It will be the best money you've ever spent."

"I was skeptical heading into the weekend but now I am so glad that we did it."

I would highly recommend Couples Therapy, Inc. If you are serious about changing your relationship, the science behind the skills you will learn will improve your marriage.

"I would absolutely recommend Couples Therapy Inc. to others. I already have and will continue to do so. Because too many couples give up instead of standing up!"

"Yes. While I think ongoing therapy will be needed and beneficial, it was much more effective than a traditional once a week approach."

"This would be an option I'd highly recommend to anyone who needs couples therapy, especially in our situation as expats living outside of the USA."

"Absolutely!!! It was the most worthwhile weekend my husband and I could have ever spent with each other." 

"I would definitely recommend Couples Therapy Inc even under the most difficult situations."

"I have already recommended Couples Therapy Inc. and will continue to be your biggest referral to anyone that I know can benefit from it. It was a lifesaver, that should speak for itself."

"I recommend CTI wherever women tell me about their marriage woes: to friends, at the dentist, hair salon, etc."

Two options to choose from

our Pick

The Concentrated Experience

Dive in and devote the entire weekend. Get away for a vacation or stay close to home. Concentrated and a lot of work - you get out of it what you put into it.

"Three-Month Window" Online Treatment

Pace yourselves. You have three months to get it done. You pick the time that fits with your schedule. Anywhere. In any location.

After your concentrated couples therapy, follow-up support

is available in stand-alone sessions or packages.

Ready to begin the concentrated work of couples therapy?

The first step is to schedule a no-obligation 15 minute call with one of our Client Services professionals. These 15 minutes are yours: ask any questions you may have, see if our services are the right fit, and hear a little more about our therapists.