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My husband is becoming borderline verbally abusive. He's called me names such as b**** and c***. He walks away when he does this, which is good, but he won't walk away before saying it. He emotionally blows up (keep reading...)

Don’t Ignore the Name Calling

Maybe it was the lockdown during the pandemic...but interest in Gottman card decks, couple games, and relationship games for couples, in general, has skyrocketed.I am a huge fan of relationship games and card decks for couples. I firmly believe (keep reading...)

How the Gottman Card Deck and Other Relationship Games for Couples Build Intimacy

Couple friends; what are they and why we should have them?Friendships start from our earliest ages and we are constantly meeting and making new friends throughout life. According to John Gottman, a healthy friendship between you and your (keep reading...)

Savvy Couples Watch Out for This 1 Important Thing When Making Couple Friends

One challenge to integrate into substance abuse treatment programs is couples and family support. You may even hear a lot of substance abuse counselors say that you can't do couples therapy because you’re recovering or in your early (keep reading...)

Couples Counseling and Addiction; What Couples Need to Know

My husband doesn't understand me or listen to me at all. He's constantly making assumptions about what I am saying that are way off and then that leads to fighting...I'm exhausted trying to get him to see my (keep reading...)

He Hasn’t Noticed That I Stopped Talking To Him…

Researchers are fascinated by the emerging trend of older couples living apart together. They see it as a new kind of family system.It was Ernest W. Burgess who argued way back in 1926 that the increased urbanization of (keep reading...)

How Living-Apart-Together Relationships are Changing Marriage for Older Couples

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Daniel specializes in developmental trauma, passive-aggressive partners, and affair recovery. Daniel is the editor of The Couples Therapy Blog and conducts his own online psychotherapy and intensive couples retreats.

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