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From the relationship experts at Couples Therapy Inc, The Couples Therapy Blog brings you the latest in science-based couples therapy research. Search the posts below for actionable ways to heal your intimate relationship. The Couples Therapy Blog is your spot for the latest in effective couples therapy practices and relationship tips.

Is it possible for married people to have single friends? In other words, as a married (heterosexual) woman is it ok for me to be friends with a single (heterosexual) man? We have a lot in common but (keep reading...)

What is a misconception that people have about sex therapists? The biggest one is that there is a lot of hot, sexy talk in a sex therapist's office.The truth is that when your sex life isn't working, it (keep reading...)

Working with couples to lower their relationship anxiety in what would be an otherwise good marriage presents couples therapists with a paradox.On one hand, the quality of the therapeutic bond is essential.Clients need to feel safe and believe (keep reading...)

I need to tell my husband something really awkward and kind of embarrassing, I am worried about how he will respond. I'm too embarrassed to even write the details here so can you just tell me, how should (keep reading...)

My wife thinks that it is good for us to fight in front of the kids, she says that it helps them to know that it's healthy and normal. I don't want them to worry about out our (keep reading...)

How do I know if I am a passive aggressive (“Nice Guy”) husband? 1. Iceberg syndromeYou talk about your intimate self (doubts, fears, insecurities, resentments) on a “need to know” basis. Why rub it in? You are intimately (keep reading...)

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Daniel Dashnaw

Blog editor

Daniel specializes in developmental trauma, passive-aggressive partners, and affair recovery. Daniel is the editor of The Couples Therapy Blog and conducts his own online psychotherapy and intensive couples retreats.

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