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During mundane times, money can be a massive factor in marital strife. According to a recent study, the way a couple handles money problems is the number 1 predictor of divorce.  A recent informal poll by “Money Magazine” (keep reading...)

Kakeibo for Couples

One of the best-kept secrets in mental health is that watching movies can be good for you. How do movies heal? In this post, I’m going to explore Cinema Therapy.Cinema, as an art form, generates empathy by inviting (keep reading...)

Cinema Therapy…and the Eye-Opening Promise of Mental Health Movies

In this blog post, I’m offering some sweet things to say to your husband if you’re in a little rough patch. In the past, I’ve given similar advice to your husband about things to say to you if you’re unhappy.Maybe (keep reading...)

7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband in a Rough Patch

It’s that time of the year again. A few days into the New Year when we often struggle to make resolutions to become better in the next year than we were before. We previously shared with you a (keep reading...)

New Years Resolution Ideas for Marriage

The new year is at the door, and this past year has been difficult for many people. Despite its highs and lows, 2021 provided people with the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. Many couples needed (keep reading...)

Use This Couple’s New Year’s Resolution Worksheet (We Gave You 9 Ideas to Get Started)

You may be already managing stress in your relationship, and now the holidays can bring on even more. I asked our relationship experts how couples can manage these challenges better and enjoy this time of year! Our free (keep reading...)

How is Your Relationship Doing Under Holiday Stress? Practice These 7 Tips and Try Our Free Online Course!

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Daniel specializes in developmental trauma, passive-aggressive partners, and affair recovery. Daniel is the editor of The Couples Therapy Blog and conducts his own online psychotherapy and intensive couples retreats.

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