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How to fix a sexless marriage by removing bad habits We often blame our desire for sex (or lack of it) on our sex drive, mental health, or simply the number of years of marriage. We view sex (keep reading...)

How to Fix a Sexless Marriage – 9 Steps to Better Intimacy

Why is marriage counseling on weekends becoming so popular? An increasing number of couples therapy thought leaders are singing the praises of “intensive” marriage counseling on weekends. Not only that, some describe the standard weekly hour-long couples therapy (keep reading...)

Why Marriage Counseling on Weekends is Better

Emotionally focused couples therapy Sue Johnson, Ph.D. is the co-founder of the “Emotionally Focused” model of therapy. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness with couples in over 25 years of clinical research. Dr. Johnson describes patterns (keep reading...)

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

The problem of passive-aggressive personality disorder There are few couple dynamics as frustrating and as misunderstood as a passive-aggressive personality disorder. Passive-aggressive men can be incredibly infuriating, and some of the “help” you will find online for living with a (keep reading...)

Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder

How to repair your relationshipRepair your relationship by re-building trust. Day by day, interaction by interaction. Devoting the time to get back in each other's good graces.Gottman’s research tells us the quality and resilience of the Friendship System in a (keep reading...)

Relationship Repair in 6 Steps

What is walk away wife syndrome? With over a million marriages that will end in divorce each year, about two-thirds of those divorces will be filed for by women. So, what is the Walk Away Wife Syndrome? After (keep reading...)

The Walk Away Wife Syndrome

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Daniel specializes in developmental trauma, passive-aggressive partners, and affair recovery. Daniel is the editor of The Couples Therapy Blog and conducts his own online psychotherapy and intensive couples retreats.

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