What is a couples sex retreat?

Our couples sex retreats are a private affair designed to heighten your sexual connection. Now you and your partner can participate in a one-on-one marriage intimacy retreat weekend with a skilled sex therapist. 

This couples sex therapy retreat focuses on helping you to positively impact your sex life and minimize sexual difficulties. It is personally tailored to your individual needs. This intensive form combines couples therapy and individual therapy to allow couples to get to the heart of the matter over a weekend .

What questions are addressed in this sexuality retreat?

We’ll move you beyond thinking about sexuality as a repetitive or stagnant act and help you both to revive and enliven your sexual selves, for a better personal as well as marital life. 

Why isn't sex working well for us? Are there hidden phobias, trauma or resentments that are blocking desire and emotional intimacy?

What practical education do we need to increase sexual energy? Are even affectionate gestures feeling forced and unnatural?

Are we close friends but not lovers anymore? Do we avoid conflict to keep the peace?

Can we learn to initiate and refuse sex more gently and effectively?

No sleaze. No hype.
Real clinical sex therapy. Real answers.

Meet your licensed professionals

Finally, an intensive couples sex therapy retreat offering private, clinical attention with a professional highly trained in treating sexual problems and issues of sexual desire. 

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Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist

Dr. K, president of Couples Therapy Inc., has practiced sex therapy for over 30 years. She'll help you to get rid of that "mechanical" feeling that can arise in sex.  Dr. K will help you to understand different sexual styles and how to make them work in your intimate relationship.

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Licensed Social Worker, sex therapist

Angele Voegele is a board-certified sex therapist who is licensed in multiple states and speaks three languages. She'll apply the most advanced professional skills awarded to those who practice sex therapy - The American Association for Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists: AASECT.org 

Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist

Dr. Garcia-Ruffin, has been a certified sex therapy for over 13 years. Speaking both English and Spanish, she'll work with you on developmental life changes that impact sexuality.  Her advanced professional skills have been awarded certification with- The American Association for Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists: AASECT.org 

When was the last time you worked to improve your physical intimacy?

Many couples never end up divorcing because of sexual problems. They just stay miserable. This weekend is designed to change that.


Thank you for giving us a safe place to talk, cry, laugh and in my case, shut down. Our time spent with you has had a tremendous impact on our relationship and has helped us both take the time to reflect on what we need to focus on going forward.


Recent  Retreat Participant

I spent most of my marriage not knowing it could be as rich as this last month as been.

Recent Retreat Participant


There are no words to adequately express how grateful I am for the weekend my husband and I spent with you. You provided invaluable insight that, with time and practice, will help us navigate our marriage in a loving, supportive way. I walked away with so much hope, to the point of bursting with it. The concept of developmental trauma explains so much about the dynamics within our relationship, and still has us reeling when we think about the impact it has had...

Recent Retreat Participant


She gave us practical tools to use for when I was very upset. We had struggled with much pain and anger and by the time we left we felt almost normal again with a new vision of our future and tools to use. She was extraordinarily easy to talk to and also has a nice sense of humor.  I was skeptical heading into the weekend but now I am so glad we did.

Recent Retreat Participant

Do you have a sex therapist near me?
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Begin with an assessment of your sexual relationship. Then, speak to your clinician about wanting an intensive to focus primarily on sexual issues.

Is a couples intensive retreat right for you?

Why this private intensive sex retreat?

Couples Sex Retreat | Sex Therapy Retreat - Couples Therapy

Sexual discontent is a widespread problem in relationships.

And a painful one. Our goal is to enhance your intimate relating in a calm and respectful atmosphere. Most couples feel relieved and hopeful after this intensive couples sexuality retreat. 

couples sex retreat to enhance body acceptance

Time to talk and emotionally connect.

Passion includes a willingness to open to sensations.  If not,  why not? It's a personal journey, as well as a relationship interaction. 

And it takes time. Couples that talk about sex regularly have a better sexual life. That's scientifically proven.

Couples Sex Retreat | Sex Therapy Retreat - Couples Therapy

Collaborative, cooperative, even fun!

The way sexuality is supposed to be. We know sexual problems can be an extremely painful issue for a couple. We get that.

This work is designed to allow you to open up, share deeply, and feel safe in explore your sexual selves. Privately. Both of you with one skilled professional. Learning about each of you as unique individuals with particular needs.

couples sex therapy increases eye contact

Many assume sexual passion fades with long-term relationships.

That's a myth.

Couples can continue enjoying sexual connection into their 90's! The secret is to uncover what's blocking you both from enjoying each other. "Gleam Beams" are affectionate gaze at one another with warm smiles. It's not a matter of "sex" alone.

*This is a sex retreat for couples is a  psychotherapy weekend with a licensed professional. No nudity is expected or allowed. You will never be asked to be sexual in front of your professional sex therapist. Read about our professional ethics here.

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