Private Couples Retreat in Massachusetts

The Couples Retreat New England Relies on for Advanced Intensive Help. Led by senior couples therapists with over 30 years of experience helping couples.

Are you looking for getaways in New England that offer professional help in a private intimate setting? Our Couples Retreat Massachusetts offers private Therapy Retreats for Couples in Four beautiful Locations in Massachusetts: 

Five Locations in Massachusetts:
• Boston • Acton • Amherst
• Northampton • The Berkshires

A Premier Marriage Counseling Getaway

If you are only looking for a romantic weekend getaway, you may not be considering our couples therapy retreats the perfect destination.

  • But have your romantic getaways been less romantic lately?
  • Have your "sex escapes" been less about sex and more about arguing?
  • Has sex become more complicated and less playful? 

Then investing one weekend in your marriage may enable you to both enjoy many, many more to come.

Time for Serious Relationship Repair?
We're a 4-hour drive from Manhattan, NYC.

Meet Our Team:  Couples Retreat Massachusetts Therapists:

Our Massachusetts couples therapists have training in sex therapy and treating sexual problems, affair recovery, divorce counseling, discernment counseling, and trauma specialization.

Six of over 30 qualified master & doctoral couples therapists.

Looking for a Marriage Retreat in CT?  We're Less than a 2 hour drive from Hartford.

When couples from Connecticut made the commitment to do a clinical marriage retreat, they found genuine help.

Read Our Reviews.

We're Couples Therapy Inc. 

Couples Retreat New England relies on for expert help!  We help couples get their groove back. We help you learn to calm down, communicate better, have more passionate sex, and feel more connected...all with scientifically effective, easy to understand techniques. 

Over 10 Certified Gottman Therapists on our Team - 4 of whom are Master Trainers with the Gottman Institute. They've trained clinicians all over New England (and the world...) in this important method. 

Our Marriage Retreats in Massachusetts Offer:

1. Privacy.   One weekend. One highly trained professional. Just the two of you.   This is not a group retreat.

2. Effectiveness.  Our methods have been proven to be 70-90% effective in clinical trials.   Learn more about the science.

3. Cutting-edge, Science-based Treatment.  Developed from over 40 years of research on real couples in the "Love Labs" of the Gottman Institute. We train other therapists in these methods.

4. No Guesswork.  Interventions which are scientifically demonstrated to be effective in helping couples.

5. Experience:  Three of our New England based clinicians have over 30 years of clinical experience helping couples.

Does your marriage deserve anything less?

There are only two science-based methods for helping couples:

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

We have a collective team of Certified Gottman Institute Couples Therapist practicing all across the USA including The Boston, Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, and three other therapists well-trained in these scientific methods of treating troubled relationships.

Why choose a science-trained couples therapists for a Couples Retreat Massachusetts?

Given the extensive body of science based on helping troubled relationships, there is no debate. Working with a professional with advanced training in science-based models provides your marriage the best opportunity to grow happily together again.

Private One-to-One Sexuality Retreats as well as Couples Retreat Massachusetts.

Sexual issues impact up to half of marriage today. We have two board-certified Sex Therapists on Our team. We specialize in helping couples facing challenges with sexual issues including:

  • Age and Childbearing Issues
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Early Childhood Trauma
  • Work Burn-out.

Scientific. Mature Clinicians. Effective. Eliminate Guesswork. A Team of Professional invested in your marriage. Offering you the best help 40+ years of research can offer.

The Most Extensive Couples Assessment Available Today

Expert Assessment Before You Come.

  • Highly-detailed assessment. We call it The BIG BIG Book. We get to know you thoroughly before you arrive. It's completed online in the privacy of your own home or office. It saves clinical time and effort. It INCLUDES the Gottman Assessment.
  • We work with marriages in severe distress...even "Last Shot" couples who are divorcing or have moved out.
  • Team Support. We only work with couples and have the most advanced practitioners of couples therapy on the planet. Our team learns from each other. Twenty-three Masters and Doctoral-Level clinicians.  Seven Gottman Certified Therapists. Four Gottman Master Trainers. In-house support, teamwork, and advice to constantly sharpen our clinical skills.

Why a Couples Retreat vs. Weekly Couples Therapy?

A Couples Retreat is a weekend you set aside to enhance your intimate bond. It's an intensive, focused time for you both to reflect on what your relationship means to you. Take the time to contemplate what you want out of life. When you take a weekend away to renew your love, you slow down enough to consider who you aspire to be. Your best self. It allows both of you to make a deeper, abiding commitment to living your life fully and consciously.

Your life just got better.

We begin with an extensive individual and relationship assessment: The most complete assessment available today.

We call it "The BIG BIG Book of Intimate Relationships."

  • Complete it online in the privacy of your home or office.
  • Your Couples Therapist will study, score, and analyze your every word side-by-side.
  • You are preparing to see us and we prepare to see you!

Spend a weekend to improve your intimate bond.

This makes your Couples Retreat Massachusetts an even more powerful experience. In completing the BIG BIG Book, you collaborate in enhancing your therapist's effectiveness. It not only includes a full Gottman Assessment, but additional important elements.

A few of the many words of praise from our clients: Over 200 reviews!

My husband thought we couldn't possibly benefit from just three days... We were on the brink of divorce...(more)

Dr. Gorman, I wanted to thank you for this past weekend.  I was anxious going into the weekend knowing it would be a difficult one, and it was... (more)

Dr. K, I spent most of my marriage not knowing it could be as rich as this last month as been. I felt the "switch," over this last month, and it's felt like living in sunshine instead of shadows. My husband and I haven't had a fight in months, even while navigating normally very tense waters including dealing with our families, and even buying a house! They've turned into discussions...

Our relationship was in real trouble. We were disconnected from each other and didn't know how to bridge the gap. Hesitations? My real fear was that it wouldn't work or my husband would be uncooperative. Dr. Gorman, I wanted to thank you for this past weekend.  I was anxious going into the weekend knowing it would be a difficult one, and it was... (more)

Where to start? Daniel was AWESOME. We appreciated his candor, honesty, kindness, sensitivity, practical - solutions based approach. Would you recommend him and Couples Therapy Inc?  ABSOLUTELY.    (more)

Does your relationship suffer from any of these familiar struggles?

  • Distance and coldness
  • Infidelity
  • Chronic arguing
  • Hurt feelings because of selfish behavior 
  • Divorce is on the table
  • Arguments over money, work or parenting
  • Betrayals and broken promises...

We can help.

Once you book, we offer you great places to stay across the beautiful Berkshires or the Pioneer Valley. Whether you are looking for country inns, a full breakfast at a cozy Bed and Breakfast, golf courses and hot tubs, or farm to table dining, you'll find it in a Couples Retreat New England.

These Couples Retreat Massachusetts are held in Boston (Watertown), The Berkshires, Northampton and Amherst - all beautiful getaways. We're the Couples Retreat New England relies on for expert help, with over 7 certified Gottman trainers - 4 of whom are Master Trainers with the Gottman Institute. 

Our couples retreats are destination spots not only for couples all over New England, but all over the USA (east coast, Midwest, south and west coast) and the World!  As an international organization, we have couples therapists in Ireland, South Africa, and Australia's Gold Coast. Every one of our Couples Retreats are designed to quickly address painful issues while you deepen your relationship and dramatically enhance your communication.

Get away. Take the time. Come to our Couples Retreat New England Getaway. Invest in your relationship.

Please note: We offer Couples Therapy Retreats to couples across New England and New York:

  • Couples Retreat in Connecticut
  • Couples Retreat NH
  • Couples Retreat Maine
  • Vermont Couples Retreat

While these New England marriage retreats may offer a romantic get-away for some couples, many couples who attend are doing serious work and repair on their marriages. The Gottman Method is designed to be less stressful than many other types of couples therapy retreats. However, you still may want to take a few extra days after the retreat to enjoy the beauty of nature that NH, Maine, Vermont or Connecticut have to offer. The towns of Northampton, Massachusetts; Kennebunkport, Maine; Guilford, Connecticut; Keene and Isles of Shoals, Rye, NH, and Lake Willoughby, Westmore, Vermont are all an easy 1 hour to 1/2 day drive from Western Massachusetts. Spend a day or two enjoying nature. Make the most of your couples therapy retreats. Enjoy New England!

More Marriage Counseling Retreats on the East Coast
Boston * Washington DC * Atlanta * Tampa
* Fort Lauderdale * Naples, FL 

*Higher fees apply.

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