Considering marriage counseling?

Why not try Intensive Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas?

couples therapy las vegas

Couples Retreats are a unique form of marriage counseling: Marriage Counseling in an intensive "Las Vegas" style  in Henderson, Nevada.

Intensive Couples Therapy in a weekend get-away format is unique. One weekend equals six months of marriage counseling help! Just the two of you, away from the stresses of your everyday life, and one truly Master Therapist, Dr. Scott Wolfe. Dr. Wolfe is one of a handful of Senior Gottman Method Trainers at their prestigious institute.

It's a more focused approach that brings you quicker science-based results.

Consider the Benefits:

1.  We Offer Privacy:
One weekend. One highly trained professional. Just the two of you. This is not a group retreat.

2.  It's Effective:
Our methods have been proven to be 70-90% effective in clinical trials.

3.  Providing Only Real Science:
Developed from 40 years of research on real couples in Love Labs.

4.  No Guesswork:
Interventions scientifically demonstrated to be effective in helping couples.

5. Exciting Destinations:

Las Vegas is just one of many great locations. Others include Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Dublin, Washington D.C., the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, Australia, South Africa and many more...

Who conducts this Marriage Counseling Las Vegas Style?

Meet the Master:  Dr. Scott Wolfe

Dr. Wolfe has over 30 years of experience in working with the most troubling issues:  Affair recovery, trauma histories, angry fighting, sex therapy and treating sexual problems, divorce counseling, and a history researching couples before joining the Gottman Institute. He was chosen to teach clinicians from all over the world how to conduct this unique form of science-based work. He trains other clinicians in this work!

QUALIFICATIONS: Master Trainer of therapists for the Gottman Institute (the foremost researcher of couples over the last 40 years.); Gottman Method Couples Therapist; Emotionally-focused Therapy Externship.

Scott Wolfe, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
Works with Couples Therapy Inc. in
Henderson, Nevada & Columbia Maryland

Words of praise from our clients:

We were on the brink of divorce and had trust, infidelity, communication, partnership issues... (more)

There are two popular science-based methods for helping couples:

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Dr. Scott Wolfe, our clinician in Las Vegas has advanced training in both scientific methods of treating troubled relationships.

In fact, he's a Master Trainer (one of only a handful...) for the Gottman Institute.

Intensive Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas: The Choice of Help Is Yours.

Why choose a scientific Couples Therapy Retreat instead of Weekly Marriage Counseling?

The reason is simple:  Working with a professional with the most advanced training in the science of troubled relationships gives your marriage the strongest chance to improve and grow happy together again. This is not just "more therapy..." It's an opportunity to intensively focus on enhancing your relationship.  Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas offers many advantages.

Equal to Six Months of Weekly Couples Therapy.

  • Scientific
  • Effective
  • No guesswork

How Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas is Different:

Quick, Targeted, Professional Help

Spend a weekend to improve your intimate bond.

  • Highly refined assessment that allows us to know you thoroughly before you arrive.
  • We work with couples in severe distress...including "Last Shot" couples who are divorcing or have moved out.
  • Team Support. With some of the most advanced practitioners of couples therapy on the planet, our team learns from each other. Five Gottman Certified Therapists. Four Gottman Master Trainers. In-house support, teamwork, and advice.

Why this form of Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas is effective?

The Most Extensive Couples Assessment Available Today

We call it "The BIG BIG Book of Intimate Relationships." We begin with an extensive individual and relationship assessment: The most complete assessment you'll find available today.

  • You complete it online in the privacy of your home or office.
  • Your Couples Therapist then studies, scores, and analyzes your words side-by-side.
  • You are preparing to see us and we are preparing to see you!

This makes your Couples Retreat in Las Vegas a powerful experience. In completing the BIG BIG Book, you are a key factor in enhancing your couples therapist's effectiveness. 


I had given up hope that we would ever be able to connect or communicate. I didn't think it would be possible to ever truly be happy in this marriage. (more)

What issues do Marriage Counseling Las Vegas Style Address?

Does your relationship suffer from any of these common struggles?

  • Distance and coldness
  • Sexual desire issues
  • Chronic or poor fighting
  • Selfish behavior resulting in hurt feelings
  • Problematic communication
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Emotional affairs
  • One of you is considering divorce
  • Struggles over money, work or parenting

This couples retreat is designed to quickly target these common issues. We help you to deepen your relationship bonds and dramatically improve your communication.

Couples Retreats in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Scott Wolfe is one of 24 world - qualified couples therapists in our Clinical Team across the USA, Europe, Australia & South Africa!

From Dr. Wolfe:

Come join me for a weekend to heal and repair your marriage. My office suite is an attractive, quiet, suburban setting in Henderson, just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Many will come for the incredibly high-energy excitement of Las Vegas, with its world-class entertainment, dining, and 24/7 activities.

I invite you to come to transform your relationship. Have fun while you reconnect, restore, and repair your relationship with me in a private, intensive marriage counseling experience.
Gottman Method Certified Therapist #67

5-day Externship

 Seek Out Qualified Help.

Research has demonstrated that a science approach is 70-92% effective in helping couples. These retreats equal almost 6 months of conventional therapy. Begin with a weekend. Follow up online or continue with your local therapist. We provide the "jump start" you need for focused, effective work. Ways to meet? You come to us. 

We meet online. Or we even come to you with our team of "Fly Me" therapists.