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Struggling with communication in marriage?

Well, good news (really, it’s good news!) conflict is inevitable, so let us help you learn to do it effectively!

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Conflict, Communication, and a Chance to Connect

Stacy Hubbard's comprehensive course will guide you through what you need to know to transform your approach to conflict in marriage (or in any intimate relationship.)

Watch videos, read research and participate in interactive assignments with your partner that will help you navigate: compromise, non-defensive listening, apologies (or repairs as we call them), and other important dimensions to conflict and communication! 

How do we face conflict in marriage and start communicating?

Many people tend to think that conflict in any relationship is a sign that the relationship is doomed. Some people also have a very avoidant view toward the so-called “negative emotions.” Research has shown that conflict is inevitable in all relationships, and it is inevitable simply because there are two minds instead of one, and the probability that these two minds will be in sync on everything is very low.


There are more words for negative emotions that for positive emotions in every language on the planet. Why? Because negative emotions stop us and make us think, why did that happen, what was that all about? Positive emotions like humor and joy just accelerate whatever we are doing, no elaborate thinking required. 


Instead of viewing negative emotions as unwelcome it is important to recognize that behind every negative emotion there is a longing, and a positive need. By empathetically understanding that positive need, you can shine for the person who has that negative emotion. Every negative emotion gives us important information, like a guiding light in life. Negative emotions are therefore an opportunity to connect and to understand our partner better. 


Conflict is also an opportunity to learn how to love our partner better over time by better understanding his or her needs. We need conflict to grow in a relationship. These moments of being out of sync are the opportunities for connection in any relationship.

We will also be looking at each person’s own preferred style of conflict, and how this relates to the family of origin. This is crucial in any discussion about communication and couples conflicts.


Couples communication, and conflict is a main focus of much of the work I do with couples, these are core skills and elements to an effective relationship. This course is designed to give you some foundational understanding of the inner workings of couples relationship, and how to set yourself up to be successful. You will get homework/ assignments, and lots of information that will allow to use the skills and tools and knowledge for years to come, and for the rest of your life! 

Immediate access to the course

You will get instant access to all of Stacy's valuable content right away. Desktop or mobile, you will have a private login to access your information in the privacy of your own home.

Move at your own pace

Do it all in a weekend or one unit at a time. Move through the recommended sequence or skip to the areas where you want to focus the most. Self-guided relationship help means you can start where you need it most.

Interactive exercises and worksheets

This course isn't passive, watch videos, read through the lessons and then put what you've learned right into practice. There is an approach for every learning style and every couple.

Expert advice

Stacy has worked with 100s of couples and trains other clinicians in the Gottman method of couples therapy. When you are struggling with communication in marriage, trust only the experts!

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What will you find in; Conflict, Communication, and a Chance to Connect


Lesson 1: Conflict styles

A common problem that can lead to difficulty in a relationship is a different style of conflict. We usually get these style preferences from our family of origin. Here we will explore how we can navigate these differences.


Lesson 2: Soften your start ups and listen

Defensiveness is an attempt to protect oneself, to defend one’s innocence, or to ward off a perceived attack. Sometimes this is done by counter-attacking or by whining and taking an innocent victim stance.


Lesson 3: Learn to use effective repair

In relationship interactions, making repair attempts is a great skill. Learn how and practice it together in this lesson. 


Lesson 4: The problem with problems

When thinking about conflict in a relationship, it is important to ascertain if a problem is "solvable" or "perpetual." What is the difference? How do you best approach these problems?


Lesson 5: Keep the conversation going

When you find yourself dealing with a perpetual or gridlocked problem with your partner, we encourage you to ask the questions in this lesson. Conflict is inevitable-make sure that your communication in marriage is the best it can be.


Lesson 6: Practice the art of compromise

In order to engage in the compromise process without feeling overly compromised, you need to decide what you can’t compromise on and what you can.

About Stacy Hubbard, LMFT

Stacy Hubbard

The time that you invest in your relationship is critical, it makes a powerful impact on your life. Being able to strengthen your relationship leads you to a better quality of life. It allows you to feel safe and comforted in this crazy world. You can become better parents and better friends. People feel included, loved, attached, and safe within their primary relationship when it works. Your world feels like a more generous and kind place to live.


Every day Stacy helps couples like you strengthen or rebuild their relationship. Stacy also trains other therapists in the Gottman Method teaching all three levels at the Gottman Institute based in Seattle Washington.

Start working on your approach to communication in marriage now!

Learn why we have conflict in relationships and what you (and your partner) can do about it

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  • 8 videos that walk you through what you need to know to transform your approach to conflict
  • Work on a different topic every week for 6 weeks or work straight through-you set the pace
  • Interactive assignments will help you to put Stacy's lessons into practice
  • Lifetime access means that you can come back to the course whenever your communication needs a little "tune-up"




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 100-Days

If you are not completely satisfied with our resources, you may contact us for a full refund for what you paid for the course or courses.

Our mission is to help couples. We're a skilled group of couples therapists dedicated to helping couples from around the world find easy-to-access ways to heal their relationship. If you feel that we have fallen short of this mission, we want to hear about it. Simply email us your feedback and we will get your refund started.

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Working with Stacy

Couples in significant distress have greater problems managing conflict. You need someone who won't shy away from your pain. If you're in serious distressed and have major conflicts and pain built up between you, Stacy can help. 


Stacy works with couples in private, weekend intensives. If you live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada or Oregon and would like to schedule an intensive, send us a message.

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