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Coaching for individuals and couples.

Talk with a trained professional

We cross 19 time zones so you're sure to find someone available to talk when you need to. Learn practical skills to use today.

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A "State of the Union" Assessment

All couples therapy starts with an assessment.

Two joint and one individual meeting cuts through about 8 sessions* conducted by the "'Generalist Therapist."Only for couples completing intensive online couples therapy. You'll complete our famous "BIG BIG Book" that saves you time and money. 

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Online Marriage Counseling

Intensive Online Couples Therapy

completed after the 'state of the union' assessment. bring us your living room! 

Set the children up with a video or put them to bed. Our exclusively focus is on you. Intensive help over a weekend or in concentrated segments over several weeks. Conducted only after a State of the Union Assessment.

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Insurance Coverage

If financial resources are an issue, know that nearly all insurance plans will not cover your couples therapy or coaching. Paypal offers a six month "same as cash" finance program. Learn about it here.

But our retreats are modest compared to a divorce attorney's retainer. Or stress-induced heart ailments.

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We've worked with all sorts of challenges.

Regardless of the issues, chances are, we've helped that problem, too.

* according to Gottman researcher and trainer Salvatore Garanzini, MFT.

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