Introducing Christian Lamb, LCSW

Christian is a clinician, and former U.S. military special forces operator and a former military counselor with the Veteran's Administration.

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M.A. University of Central Florida, Florida,  Social Work 2010.

B.A. University of Central Florida, Florida,  certificate in addictions and a minor in psychology, 2009 (Summa Cum Laude)


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Florida: #SW12945 (until 3/31/2023)
Arizona: #LCSW-19338

Evidence-based Models

Advanced Training in the Gottman Method

Additional Certifications & Trainings

Motivational Interviewing

Practice Values

I enjoy working with all couples and I especially am passionate about helping couples that are struggling with betrayal in any form:  whether that betrayal is from an affair, lack of transparency, long term turning away from each other or trauma from substance use, what I enjoy is giving these couples hope through offering them a structured path toward deeper and more meaningful trust, which they often don’t feel is possible.  

I love to help couples work through some of the most challenging issues such as affairs and addictions.  

I can seem reserved as a therapist, and perhaps too quiet sometimes. I come across as calm, patient and kind. I've learned that if I am quiet, truly quiet inside and out, and listen to people in this way then I can be of better service. I can really hear what clients are saying and feeling and better understand them.

Work Summary

I worked at the Public Defender’s Office for 3 years counseling people within the criminal justice system.  I've also worked at the Department of Veteran Affairs for over 8 years.  I've worked with veterans in a variety of settings: those struggling with mental health and substance use issues and also homeless Vets in a residential treatment setting and in the criminal justice system.  

You need to be compassionate and empathetic but also honorable when working in these settings where so many have lost their sense of direction and grace. It requires a certain level of optimism, self-awareness and strength. These qualities are a map and a compass helping me to best navigate my own personal and clinical life.  

In these former jobs, I had numerous fantastic mentors that helped me hone my skills as a therapist. They really inspired me to always look to improve my approaches to therapy in order to best help others.  They all had a genuine care for clients and a desire to be the best they could be.

I also find the professional clinical relationship I share with clients goes both ways. I work to inspire my clients and my clients are also inspiring to me.  When you share your pain with me, I gain incredible insight into the human condition and how to apply my knowledge to best help you.  Every client is unique and needs different tools and custom approaches to truly heal.  

Personally Speaking

I do my best to not consider myself or my personality unique or special. I have been an athlete in the past, and excelled in the U.S. military special forces. I have sought out intensity through martial arts and I have also failed in many ways.

I found myself losing everything in my life including my freedom. And then brought myself back from defeat to where I stand now.  

I believe anyone could have accomplished all of these things. It's a deeply held belief. I do my best to show people that we can recover from any situation. The aim is to become even better than before by moving through challenges, instead of dodging responsibilities.  

I'm very determined. I’ve often done my best to be a hero in my own life. It’s a double edged sword. It gives me the drive to become the best I can be, but at the same time I’ve struggled to set healthy limits. In the past I've gotten overwhelmed at times.

I still have some of this hero mentality, but with much healthier boundaries around this ideal. My strategy is to learn the most effective theories and skills for helping couples by becoming certified in these methods. I also am always in research mode to connect on a deeper level with client’s pain and needs.  

Early years

My birth mom and dad struggled in their marriage and divorced when I was just a young boy. This was very negatively impactful for my family, and stuck with me.  I learned that divorce struggles send ripples through a family affecting everyone and everything.

It showed me the importance of building and maintaining a strong and healthy marriage. This has really led me to place a tremendous amount of importance on cherishing my own wife and learning all I can about building a healthy relationship so I can pass this on to others.

Current Relationship

My marriage has been the most important relationship in my life.  It has brought me enormous joy and massive growth like nothing else.  We’ve created our own beautiful family with our amazing school-aged son.  

We have such a peaceful and joy filled life, because my wife and I have learned how to communicate respectfully, connect with empathy and build intimacy through sharing vulnerabilities.  

I know many couples struggle with these things and I feel it is my responsibility to help ease the struggle and help them to find the love and peace they desire. 


I have four major hobbies:

  1. I love to train in martial arts 
  2. play disc golf
  3. listen to electronic music and
  4. play video games with my son.  

My top favorite hobbies are martial arts and video games with my son.

My favorite martial art has been Muay Thai and it is known as the art of 8 limbs, because you strike with your shins, knees, fists and elbows. Injuries in martial arts, however, are hard to accept and more difficult to recover from as I age.  

Historically, my favorite video game has been the Legend of Zelda.  I completed this game back around 1988. Thirty-three years later my 7 year old son just completed the latest release of the Legend of Zelda!

In addition to playing video games with my son, we watch cartoons, disc golf and play on the playgrounds and beaches of Hawaii.

Home Office

I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to work out of my home here in such an amazingly beautiful place.  

Because I'm now restricting myself to online work,  I do have a slight obsession with having the best audio and video equipment.

I have the best 4k webcam, professional lighting, a high quality microphone and ear buds in order to create the best telehealth experience for clients and myself.  

My practice is 100% online.  I know that some people would prefer to meet with a therapist in person.  

Some people will connect better with a therapist in person and I am certainly not the couples therapist for these couples, at this point.

However, I have found that online couples therapy is extremely effective for helping couples heal.  

Not only are you able to enjoy counseling in the comfort of your own home, I’ve also found that technology can offer a high quality image and audio that makes if feel very personal and connected.  

Also sharing documents, images and videos can be seamless with telehealth platforms since everything is only a click away and can be shared instantly with clients.

Again not for everybody, but can be quite a connected and edifying experience.  

I look forward to working with you.