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Spring and the Transition to “New Normal;” 8 Things Our Team Wants Couples to do Today

Signs of spring are all around us and change is certainly in the air. Spring has always symbolized newness and rebirth and I can’t think of a year where that is more apparent (and more welcome) then

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Marriage and Friendship and Intimacy; Critical Ways to Care for One Another

Marriage and friendship...what are friends for? Friendship is essential in intimacy. Because friendship, if you think about it, is the building block of our lives. We get to know people and become

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Want to be Lucky in Love? 3 Essential Ways to Increase Your Odds

What does lucky in love mean? Recently I was asked about writing a “lucky in Love” blog post. I wondered what does it mean to be lucky in love?I was initially baffled. Is this even a suitable topic?

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Power Couples Do It Better; Here Are 8 Major Reasons Why

Power couples captivate us.  Power couples are a living embodiment of an intimacy to which we all aspire.We want to build a fabulous life, with a wonderful partner that will bring out our best selves.

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Seeking Novelty in Marriage? Don’t Forget Self-Expansion; 6 Things to Consider as You Shake Things Up

At this point it is route and cliché to say that couples should seek novelty in marriage. Perhaps you have not heard this advice in such terms but certainly the idea of “shaking things up” or “keeping

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Valentine’s Day and COVID; 11 of Our Relationship Experts Plan Your Perfect Date Night

Valentine's Day and COVID...the pandemic has changed many of the ways that we approach our traditions and rituals. Now, Valentine’s day is right around the corner and this year things will look a little

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