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Valentine’s Day and COVID; 11 of Our Relationship Experts Plan Your Perfect Date Night

Valentine's Day and COVID...the pandemic has changed many of the ways that we approach our traditions and rituals. Now, Valentine’s day is right around the corner and this year things will look a little

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Gratitude Tips: in 5 Simple Steps Couples Can Use this Powerful Practice

We’ve talked about the neuroscience of gratitude and its importance in our lives. A healthy practice of gratitude is a way to acknowledge the good things in your life. It is also a way

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The Healing Power of Couples Holding Hands, Hugs and Kisses

How Physical Affection Can Heal Can Hugs and Kisses and Holding Hands heal our nervous system? Doctoral student Samantha Wagner headed up a research team at Binghamton University in New York.   The

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You Got This!…How to Build Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus

What is Resilience? Many of us want to learn how to build resilience during these tough times. Don’t worry…you got this! But first, we need to define what we are talking about? What is resilience? Resilience

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How Children Succeed…the Hidden Power of a Happy Marriage

How Children Succeed The most extensive study ever conducted on family life is an ongoing research project in the UK. We now know exactly what parents can do to maximize the happiness and future success

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Do This One Thing Today to Improve Your Relationship

Do This One Thing Today to Improve Your Relationship We want to welcome new CTI member Catherine Pfuntner to the CTI blog. This is her very first post. And she chose a significant topic; positive feedback

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