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Facebook Affairs

The Epidemic of Facebook Affairs Revised 1/1/20 Facebook Affairs are becoming a very hot topic in social science research. A new study by researchers at Indiana University found that Facebook users who

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Trouble If You “Friend” Him Back…..

Whatever Became of? There is an epidemic of Boomer Divorce. And I wonder if the fact that we can now quickly answer the question “Whatever became of…” might not be a contributing factor

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Married at First Sight: A Couples Therapist’s Take

Ryan and Jessica From Married at First Sight Married at First Sight is a popular show that captures our imagination about the meaning of marriage.  Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro are the darlings of

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Pass the Popcorn… and Get Some Movie Therapy!

Researchers were stunned to discover that divorce rates for newlyweds cut by more than half by couples watching movies about relationships and discussing them afterwards. But not just any relationship

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Marriage in the Movies: Boyhood

Hopefully, some time soon, you will go out and see an almost 3 hour movie about nothing in particular, and everything that’s meaningful to being human. “Boyhood” took 12 years to make,

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