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Cinema Therapy…and the Eye-Opening Promise of Mental Health Movies

What is Cinema Therapy? Revised 4/5/21 One of the best-kept secrets in mental health is that watching movies can be good for you. How do movies heal? In this post, I’m going to explore Cinema Therapy. Cinema,

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What is Micro-Cheating?

What is Micro-Cheating? There’s a new form of infidelity, and it’s facilitated by technology. What is micro-cheating? Is micro-cheating just a superfluous new buzzword to describe good old-fashioned

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The Phubbing Meme, FOMO, and Indistractability in Marriage

The Phubbing Meme and FOMO…How Tech is Displacing Mindfulness The Phubbing meme is attracting increased attention from couples therapy researchers. According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea, behavior,

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The Surprising Reason Why Online Dating is Improving Marriage

The Growth of Online Dating Online dating is only the most recent iteration of technology-assisted romance. The relationship between technology and dating goes way back to 1959 when two students at Stanford

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11 Tell-Tale Signs of Internet Infidelity and 4 Ways to Heal

Is Internet Infidelity Different? Revised 1/1/20 Is internet infidelity different? Not really…and yes, Online infidelity is very different. Spouses engage in Internet Infidelity for the same reasons

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Facebook Affairs

The Epidemic of Facebook Affairs Revised 1/1/20 Facebook Affairs are becoming a very hot topic in social science research. A new study by researchers at Indiana University found that Facebook users who

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