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Financial Infidelity and Financial Intimacy

Financial Infidelity What is financial infidelity? And what is financial intimacy? The notion of being open and honest about money is one thing, but financial intimacy is something else entirely. In previous

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Kakeibo for Couples

Kakeibo for Couples Money is a massive factor in marital strife. According to a recent study, the way a couple handles money problems is the number 1 predictor of divorce. A recent informal poll by “Money

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My Husband Won’t Talk About Money

“My husband won’t talk about money.” She sighed heavily. “When Jimmy came clean about his three affairs, I also found out that he hadn’t filed taxes for the last two years. Jessica

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5 Money Problems in a Marriage that are Top Predictors of Divorce

Money Problems in a Marriage Revised 12/19/19 The way you handle money problems in a marriage is the number 1 predictor of divorce according to a recent study. In addition to this new scientific research,

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Money Can Buy Happiness!

Can Money Buy Happiness? Revised 1/4/20 Money can buy happiness. Let me say that again… Money Can Buy Happiness. Wait a minute. Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness, and research in

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Love and Poker

I came across this interesting post by Robert Dewberry at his blog, the Poker Monk.  Robert is a fascinating young man on the threshold of becoming a professional poker player. As a Couples Therapist,

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