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8 Powerful Things to Say to Your Unhappy Wife

Here are 9 things to say to your wife when you know you have an unhappy wife. Don’t dodge what you know in your heart is true. When things are not good, and you’re getting scared, don’t

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10 Serious Relationship Issues

A New Way to Look At Relationship Issues I’m always interested in new ways to look at relationship issues. ACT has been around as an individual mode of therapy for a while. Now Acceptance and Commitment

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What Does Successful Couples Therapy Look Like?

Successful Couples Therapy is Preventative Successful couples therapy is not about fixing problems, although that is how it is most commonly understood. Science-based couples therapy helps you and your

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Domestic Violence 101

Domestic Violence 101 Domestic Violence? I’m in an abusive relationship? By now you’ve figured out that you are in an abusive relationship. And you’re begging for any sign that your partner

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Emotional Abuse Therapy: Stopping The Suffering

A Working Definition of Emotional Abuse Revised 12/26/19 Emotional abuse therapy is not the same thing as domestic violence therapy. I think of emotional abuse as a combination of two of the Four Horsemen

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The Problem of Contempt in Marriage

This article is part of the Why Couples Fight Series What is Contempt in Marriage? Revised 4/23/20 Contempt in Marriage is the Worst of the Four Horsemen Contempt in marriage, according to Dr. John Gottman,

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