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3 Steps to Curb Risks of an On Again Off Again Relationship

Updated 10/13/2019 An On Again Off Again Relationship: The Mental Health Risks Have you ever seen an on again off again relationship up close? These are couples that have dramatic breakups only to reconcile

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3 Powerful Ideas To Share When You Have an Unfixable Relationship

The Unfixable Relationship Revised 12/25/19 Do you think you ‘re in an unfixable relationship? At Couples Therapy Inc., we have a reputation for handling some of the toughest marital issues. Every

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How to Stop a Divorce: Learning to Stop the Breakup

How to Stop a Divorce Revised 1/1/20 Research on the breakup patterns of dating couples might suggest how married couples can stop a divorce. The research tells us that there are 4 breakup patterns in

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11 Toxic Behaviors That Will Gradually Become Bigger Marital Issues

Toxic Behaviors Will Gradually Become Bigger Marital Issues Revised 9/22/19 We all have marital issues. Some seem to come out of nowhere; an emotional affair, financial infidelity, or discovering that

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10 Critical Signs That Couples Therapy is Long Overdue

Is Couples Therapy Long Overdue For Your Marriage? This article is part of the Why Couples Fight Series Revised on April 30, 2019. Maybe, for you, couples therapy is long overdue. Does making an appointment

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14 Important Ways to Spot an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

The Emotionally Abusive Relationship Emotionally abusive relationships can be hard to spot. Emotionally abuse IS not synonymous with domestic violence. And just because you fight a lot, it doesn’t

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