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I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex

We know that breaking up is hard to do. We also know that letting go of someone you love, even someone who you recognize is part of an unhealthy relationship, can still be challenging.Philip’s storyPhilip

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Alienation of Affection and Homewrecker Laws

Alienation of Affection and Homewrecker Laws A lot of people don’t know that engaging in infidelity can sometimes have legal and financial consequences. What are Alienation of Affection and homewrecker

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3 Top Reasons to Leave a Marriage

Couples therapists hear all kinds of reasons to leave a marriage. But a new research study by Professor Samantha Joel says that while twenty-three separate reasons were given by study participants, three

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Is There Hope For My Marriage After Separation?

The Lure of Marriage Separation. Most Online Advice is Totally Wrong. Revised 1/24/20 Is There any Hope for My Marriage After Separation? I hear that question a lot. And in this post, I’m going to

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Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce Revised 12/31/19 I am often asked about children of divorce. Wives sometimes ask me, “do you think I should stay in a miserable marriage just for the sake of my kids?” This

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Gray Divorce

What is Gray Divorce? Gray divorce is how couples therapists describe the abrupt increase in divorce among couples 50 years old and older. Typically these couples are tossing in the towel after 20 years

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