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How to Rebuild Intimacy After an Affair

There was an affair. It’s over and done. You’re still working on forgiveness and reconciliation.  You are in couples therapy, and you are slowly healing. But you want to improve even faster.

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Can’t Forgive Your Spouse After an Emotional Affair?

After an Emotional Affair…Do we Have an Intimacy Doomsday? If you told me that you couldn’t forgive your spouse after an emotional affair, I might offer that the bulk of humanity might

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13 Best Things to Do When You’ve Just Discovered Their Affair

 You’ve Just Discovered Their Affair Revised 12/23/19 You’ve just discovered their affair. Now What? I asked CTI Couples Therapist Tehilla Luttig for her thoughts on this issue because we

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Serial Infidelity and Personality Disorders

Serial Infidelity and Personality Disorders Serial infidelity has been correlated with personality disorders. To be specific, three personality disorders; Narcissism, Borderline Personality Disorder,

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What Causes Infidelity in Relationships?

What Causes Infidelity in Relationships? Revised 1/26/20 The question of “what causes infidelity in relationships?” has intrigued researchers for decades. Research, published in the British

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9 Vital Signs That You & Your Spouse Are Recovering From Infidelity

How Do You Know That You’re Recovering From Infidelity? Revised 1/1/20 Recovering from infidelity is a unique journey for every couple. But there are obvious signs along the way that your unfaithful

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