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Marriage during COVID…How Have We Been Affected?

We are a year into the pandemic. We have gone from shutdowns to partial reopenings, all of these changes due to COVID-19. Although we are still in it, so to speak, now is a good opportunity to look at

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Can a Marriage Survive an Affair After COVID? 4 Important Steps to Make Sure the Healing Continues

As we have been shut down as a society, there will be changes for some couples as the world begins to open up again, I am especially thinking of the couples who are healing from an affair. Some of

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8 Effective Ways Relationship Anxiety Can be Curbed in an Otherwise Good Marriage

Working with couples to lower their relationship anxiety in what would be an otherwise good marriage presents couples therapists with a paradox.On one hand, the quality of the therapeutic bond is essential.Clients

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The Holidays and COVID; 7 Critical Ways Couples Can Manage This Tough Conversation

Now we are managing the holidays and COVID, is it about time to rewrite your family traditions? All families have traditions and rituals. In my family of origin, Easter was a huge deal. We all put

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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Curb Doomscrolling for Marital Happiness

What is Doomscrolling? Doomscrolling is the compulsive consumption of problem-saturated media content. The scroll describes the endless feed of posts, memes, and articles many of which feed our plugged-in

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5 Little-Known Secrets From Social Neuroscience and COVID Stress

What is Social Neuroscience? Social neuroscience is a cross-disciplinary area of research. It’s more of a “hard science”; examining how genetic, cellular, hormonal, and neurologic pathways

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