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How Often Do Couples Fight?

updated 5/25/21 Do You Fight More Often than the Average Couple? It’s not unusual for couples to ask us during their assessment...” do we fight more than we should?… What’s normal?… Why do couples

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Marital Car Fights…and 5 Solid Ways to Prevent Them

Why Do So Many Couples Have Car Fights? Do you ever wonder why you and your partner have so many car fights? Because human beings are so adaptable, we’ve accepted that moving down the road at a

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The Neuroscience of Perpetual Marital Problems

Personal Priorities, Preferences, and Perpetual Marital Problems One of the outstanding contributions of neuroscience and Gottman’s research is the notion of “perpetual” vs.”solvable

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Emotional Flooding, Externalization, and the Art of the Time Out

This article is part of the Why Couples Fight SeriesIn order to stop fighting with your partner, there are a few things to consider.  While marital conflict is unavoidable, emotional flooding,

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Why Do We Fight in Relationships?

This article is part of the Why Couples Fight Series Constant Fighting in a Relationship Why is conflict, (which is inescapable in our most intimate friendships) so inherently fraught with peril? Why

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Chronic Illness and Marriage Problems

Chronic Illness and Marriage Problems Chronic illness and marriage problems are increasingly on the radar of medical researchers. It’s an axiom of marital research that happily married couples (particularly

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