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The Holidays and COVID; 7 Critical Ways Couples Can Manage This Tough Conversation

Now we are managing the holidays and COVID, is it about time to rewrite your family traditions? All families have traditions and rituals. In my family of origin, Easter was a huge deal. We all

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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Curb Doomscrolling for Marital Happiness

What is Doomscrolling? Doomscrolling is the compulsive consumption of problem-saturated media content. The scroll describes the endless feed of posts, memes, and articles many of which feed our plugged-in

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5 Little-Known Secrets From Social Neuroscience and COVID Stress

What is Social Neuroscience? Social neuroscience is a cross-disciplinary area of research. It’s more of a “hard science”; examining how genetic, cellular, hormonal, and neurologic pathways

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5 Powerful Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship During COVID

The paradox of feeling lonely in a long-term relationship Our homes and our relationships certainly do not look like they did just a short time ago.  You are surrounded by stressors, both external and

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Gay Male Couples During COVID-19… Talking with Rick Miller

Gay Male Couples and the COVID Lockdown My colleague Rick Miller is an important thought leader in couples therapy. Rick is a social worker in private practice in Boston and on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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The American Divorce Rate and Occupations…the Science of Toxic Jobs

Toxic Careers, Declining Industries, and Strained Marriages Pre-COVID Research from 2015 reminds us that career choices have a significant impact on our marital satisfaction. In 2015, statistician

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