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The Motivational Importance of Family

The Importance of Family One of the most fundamental curiosities of social science research is “what motivates us?” New research is pointing toward the importance of family as the most essential

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6 Ways to Spot a Victim Mentality… and 6 Ways to Stop

What is a Victim Mentality? A victim mentality is a pervasive and universal view of oneself as the chronic victim of unfortunate circumstances or the evil actions of others. It’s a somewhat harsh

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9 Tips for Making Stepfamilies Work

Why So Many Stepfamilies? Couples therapy researchers are acutely focused on the challenge of making stepfamilies work. Stepfamilies in the USA are as typical as they are complicated. 40% of married couples

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Is There a Romeo and Juliet Effect in Couples Therapy?

Is There a Romeo and Juliet Effect in Psychology? Revised 1/4/20 Is there a Romeo and Juliet Effect in Psychology? In 1972, a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggested

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Mookie Or My Mother-in-Law?

A Funny Story From Our Houston Couples Therapist, Marissa Mundey. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  There are so many things I could say about what has held us together,

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Holiday Rules For a Happier Marriage

Do Your Partner Proud. Make New Holiday Rules with Them in Mind If your holiday behavior is historically a flashpoint for fighting between you and your spouse, consider showing up differently this year.

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