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Are you a Recovering Super Mom? Here Are 9 Crucial Steps to Take Now!

This Mother’s Day made me wonder about how much virtue we culturally place on “motherhood,” and the “super mom” meme.Supermoms…is it a tired cultural trope? Or just the most recent way of

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6 Amazing Benefits of Giving Thanks from the Neuroscience of Gratitude

Does gratitude matter during a global pandemic? Let’s face it, this Thanksgiving will be in a class by itself.  It will be a unique experience. Some families will gather around tables, smaller

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The Motivational Importance of Family

The Importance of Family One of the most fundamental curiosities of social science research is “what motivates us?” New research is pointing toward the importance of family as the most essential

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6 Ways to Spot a Victim Mentality… and 6 Ways to Stop

What is a Victim Mentality? A victim mentality is a pervasive and universal view of oneself as the chronic victim of unfortunate circumstances or the evil actions of others. It’s a somewhat harsh

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9 Tips for Making Stepfamilies Work

Why So Many Stepfamilies? Couples therapy researchers are acutely focused on the challenge of making stepfamilies work. Stepfamilies in the USA are as typical as they are complicated. 40% of married couples

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How to Rekindle a Marriage After a Baby

How to Rekindle a Marriage After a Baby New parenthood can be stressful. Many young couples want to know how to rekindle a marriage after a baby arrives. Decades of research have shown that marital satisfaction,

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