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Marriage Counseling Costs: Five Important Factors

Marriage Counseling Costs: 5 Important Factors Marriage counseling costs are dependent upon five important factors and we’ll cover each in this article. Your location The length of the sessions Whether

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Beware of “Common Sense” in Relationships

The Problem With Common Sense in Relationships Beware of any advice which offers “common sense” in relationships. This is a considerable problem in couples therapy. We are swimming in shameless

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Good Couples Therapy Looks Like This…

What Does Good Couples Therapy Look Like? So you’ve both decided to start couples therapy. Good for you. Are you ready? Maybe it’s overdue. And you’re probably asking yourself “what

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5 Stages of Couples Therapy for Infertility

Couples Therapy for Infertility I’ve written earlier about what a profound stressor the transition to parenthood can be on a marriage. But research time and again tells us that infertility is a

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Hopeful spouse…Couples therapy for one

Is there such a thing as couples therapy for one?I didn’t use to think so…until I recently spent four days training with one of my couples therapy heroes, Michele Weiner-Davis. Now I think

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The Problem With an Online Toxic Relationship Quiz

The Problem With a Toxic Relationship Quiz Revised 12/25/19 Many people in troubled marriages love to take internet relationship quizzes. And the toxic relationship quiz is among the most popular. There

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