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Emotionally Unavailable Men and The Guy Code

The Problem of Emotionally Unavailable Men Revised 5/13/19 Every woman has probably experienced a man they were dating suddenly get cold feet and wondered if he were one of those emotionally unavailable

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Relationships from Hell

First, the Anxious-Preoccupied Relationships from Hell The Important thing to remember is that we are all struggling to gain mastery over our childhood attachment injuries. We select partners who we feel

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Attachment Styles and Couples Therapy Intensives

Why Is Our Attachment Style So Important? In the last post I wrote about the importance of attachment styles, and how the science of human attachment is helping couples therapy to achieve an effectiveness

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Attachment-Based Couples Therapy and Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory…a Brief Overview Revised 1/9/20  Attachment-based couples therapy dominates the field of couples counseling. The fundamental premise of Attachment Theory is that we learn how

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Understanding the Intimacy Avoidance Marriage

Understanding The Intimacy Avoidance Marriage Revised 1/4/20 Intimacy Avoidance is a concept that might seem confusing. We pretty much accept the fact that being human means being normatively wired to

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Emotional Distance in Marriage

Emotional Neglect in MarriageEmotional distance in marriage also called emotional neglect in marriage is a painful dynamic. It's a lack of emotional support or feeling emotional intimacy with their partner.

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