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Power Couples Do It Better; Here Are 8 Major Reasons Why

Power couples captivate us.  Power couples are a living embodiment of an intimacy to which we all aspire.We want to build a fabulous life, with a wonderful partner that will bring out our best selves.

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Seeking Novelty in Marriage? Don’t Forget Self-Expansion; 6 Things to Consider as You Shake Things Up

At this point it is route and cliché to say that couples should seek novelty in marriage. Perhaps you have not heard this advice in such terms but certainly the idea of “shaking things up” or “keeping

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The Holidays and COVID; 7 Critical Ways Couples Can Manage This Tough Conversation

Now we are managing the holidays and COVID, is it about time to rewrite your family traditions? All families have traditions and rituals. In my family of origin, Easter was a huge deal. We all

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6 Amazing Benefits of Giving Thanks from the Neuroscience of Gratitude

Does gratitude matter during a global pandemic? Let’s face it, this Thanksgiving will be in a class by itself.  It will be a unique experience. Some families will gather around tables,

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Gratitude Tips: in 5 Simple Steps Couples Can Use this Powerful Practice

We’ve talked about the neuroscience of gratitude and its importance in our lives. A healthy practice of gratitude is a way to acknowledge the good things in your life. It is also a way

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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Curb Doomscrolling for Marital Happiness

What is Doomscrolling? Doomscrolling is the compulsive consumption of problem-saturated media content. The scroll describes the endless feed of posts, memes, and articles many of which feed our plugged-in

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