Private Couples Therapy for fast, effective results in a single weekend.

An Individualized Private Couples Therapy Retreat with Just the Two of You and One Highly Trained Expert:

  • Fast:  6 months of therapy condensed into a single weekend
  • Effective:  Science-based help based upon over 40 years of research with real couples
  • Personal:  We do an extensive assessment to focus on your particular relationship challenges.

Imagine your marriage transformed into a more passionate bond.

If you aren't getting along with the person who once meant the world to you, there is important current information you should know. It's a way of intervening that stops your fast-moving train into greater marital misery or divorce.

You'll exit the 'divorce super-highway.'

No more endless bickering or cold-shoulder bedtimes. 

Or vacations and romantic evenings that end in disaster. 

Our approach has a 70-90%(1) success rate for distressed marriages. Meanwhile, 38% of couples who receive traditional marriage counseling end up divorced within a few years. (1)

Don't make the same mistake I did, and let a perfectly good marriage go down the drain...

Do you harbor misguided notions about love and marriage?  Most couples do.  Even many THERAPISTS do.  I know I did when my own marriage had problems...

As a clinical psychologist I worked with couples, but these very misguided notions not only limited my impact as a couples therapist, but they also destroyed my own marriage.

If you think psychologists have just as many problems as the average person... you'd be right.

I've had my share.

Ask my ex-husband. 

I divorced a perfectly nice guy and the father of my child.  Oh, I had my reasons.  And most of them were a bunch of "pie in the sky" ideas I got from theories I learned while in graduate school.  They were wrong-headed notions about why marriages fail and how to fix them.

There are still plenty of these myths out there.

Like how about THIS MYTH:

"The severity of your problems predicts the likelihood of divorce."

Nope.  Wrong.  False.

Back then, I did what most people do, "I used my health insurance," and went to couples counseling near me.

But instead of getting help, those weekly 45-minute sessions left me angrier, more hopeless, and totally, totally misunderstood. And we left each session more upset than when we arrived!

Dr. Kathy McMahon is a Gottman Certified Couples Therapist and Board-certified Sex Therapist

I'm Kathy McMahon, a clinical psychologist with over a quarter century of experience. And I divorced. My own marital failure drove me to invest 20 years of study, and learn 5 different models of couples therapy. 

The results?"

A science-based Couples Retreat that helps couples achieve genuine emotional closeness and sexual connection.

"Divorce is costly, not just financially, but emotionally too.  It costs your kids, as well as your future security. Preventing it is well worth the effort..."

 "I was going to file for divorce." 

Before Couples Therapy Inc. we went to some in my area who was totally unqualified to handle our needs. I was going to file for divorce. Lack of communication and suspicion of infidelity were the core issues.

I liked everything about Lisa and I have nothing negative to say. She was so helpful in the way she kept us on track and figured out what we should be working on to get the maximum benefit in the time frame we had.

We're learning to communicate about things in our relationship that were potentially going to cause the marriage to end. Now we have tools and exercises that allow us to become much closer to each other and a direction for us to grow in for a happier and healthier relationship. It was emotionally, spiritually, and physically moving. I'm very happy I did it and will always be grateful for what it did for us.

I would recommend couples therapy even for healthy marriages.

Working with Lisa stopped a divorce, improved communication, and brought us together in a way we haven't had since we first became involved with each other romantically.

Looking for marriage therapy near the Bay Area, California?

Later on, I remarried a “completely different guy.”  And guess what?

These same problems reappeared!

I thought to myself: “How could I be so unlucky?”

But it wasn't a matter of "luck" at all.

I was the same person...

...with the same problematic way of relating to my intimate partner.

I could divorce my ex- but not "myself."

As Aimee Mann says: "It's not going to stop 'til you wise up..."

And you know what?  She's right.

Leaving a marriage, when you don't know what you're doing wrong (...or just blaming your spouse...) means it's not going to stop for you, either. 

Unless you figure out what you're doing wrong in your marriage and fix it, you're doomed to repeat it.

Don't give up!  Wise up!

In 1998, I attended my first training presented by Dr. John Gottman, the pre-eminent researcher on couples.  What he taught me was fascinating. 

We now know scientifically why marriages succeed or fail!

(Let one of his Master Trainers teach you to be a "Master of Marriage" too!)

"We needed therapy to resolve issues that were problematic..."

It was geographically close. I wanted marriage counseling in my area. We hadn't tried couples therapy before and had no personal referrals. But we needed therapy to resolve issues that were problematic with this relationship. My husband's former wife and the direction of the relationship were core issues we wanted to resolve.

We like Jenny from the introductory phone call. She was warm, insightful, and made some great interpretations that opened things up as a couple. We seem more patient with each other. We have more patience and we're expressing more emotions. We received tools and had an opportunity to use one."

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Your Troubled Marriage Needs Skillful Care & Attention.

We have Certified Gottman Therapists on our team.
Several are MASTER TRAINERS for the Gottman Institute!

"We know a lot about you and your marriage, before you arrive..."

Like a diamond, your marriage is the hardest “jewel” in the rocky world of relationships. But with a magnifying glass, precision skill, the jeweler's tap brings out the luster.  Many marriages are rough stones with hidden brilliance.  Just waiting to shine.

Careful assessment is our "magnifying glass." "The BIG BIG Book" (which includes a Gottman Assessment and a lot more...) allows us to take a closer look at you as an individual in your marriage.  It's an online tool.  Completing it will have an enormous impact on you, too.  Our couples tell us it was the start of their couples retreat therapy.

"The Story of Us" provides an in-depth look at your marriage before therapy begins. 

This online assessment is scored, and your words are carefully read and analyzed, side-by-side with your partner's tome.  We do this before we even meet.

When you arrive at this couples retreat, we'll explore your early relationship history, "The Story of Us," and with your therapist, you'll work collaboratively, constructing your most critical relationship goals during our time together.

With the help of The BIG BIG Book, you'll be asked finely-tuned questions about your marital issues.

Looking for marriage therapy near me?

Take a weekend and get the excellent help you deserve.

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How Our Couples Retreat Intensives Can Change Lives:

The Focus is on Nurturing Real & Lasting Change

"You'll have a Couples Retreat Expert for an entire weekend, devoted to helping you resolve your most formidable relationship challenges. Choose with confidence. We have some of the most experienced couples therapists in the world..."

Instead of seemingly endless weekly "45-minute sessions," you'll spend a solitary weekend--just the two of you...alone.  Relaxed.  Away from the hassles of your everyday lives.

You put a lot of faith in us.  We get that.

And we honor that trust.

A shocking 80% of therapists are convinced they already know how to do couples therapy. (Like the couples therapy near me...) Yet only 12% of these therapists have ever completed a single course in couples therapy! And yet, this is challenging and specialized work. Easy to get wrong.

And then your whole world blows up...  

Have you tried couples therapy in the past and failed?  Do you believe that your marriage is severely, and hopelessly damaged?

Your overly-confident and poorly trained therapist might be to blame. 

In contrast, our therapists are among the most highly trained couples therapists available today. Top marriage counselors. All have at least one formal, evidence-based certificate in couples therapy. Most have advanced training in the prestigious Gottman Method of Couples Therapy.

You entrust us with your marriage and family. And we take that responsibility seriously.

If you're disillusioned with love, consider the benefits of this scientific couples retreat:

We'll Work Fast

Forget 6 months of 45-minute sessions that stop at the height of your fight... "See you next week!"  Science says:  "Not enough time!"

Personalized Help

These aren't generic “communication skills training" with 5-250 other couples. Our approach is precise and intimate.


Not someone's biased 'personal opinion.'  This help is based upon 40+ years of research with over 3,000 couples.

"I was not sure that my wife could be real with me or herself."

I told Daniel to hold no punches, that our marriage depended on him! We had tried just regular marriage counseling in my area. Nothing like this. Dan did what was needed to save our marriage! I wanted to get along with each other. To be able to communicate with each other without fighting. I wanted to improve our intimacy.

After 37 years and two marriages, I was able to be heard! I also learned I added to our problems with the way I communicated.

I feel like a new person, partner, friend and husband. I feel that we will be happy with each other and get closer to each other again. Our marriage will start to grow as we implement what we learned!

Would you recommend your couples therapist and Couples Therapy Inc? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes. When couples have problems like we had, this would be the only way to correct them. Seeing someone for 45-minutes once a week would not work.

Boston, Massachusetts

“I was skeptical heading into the Couples Retreat weekend but now I am so glad that we did it....”

"We have seen numerous couples therapist near us over the last three years and you have, by far, exceeded all of our expectations. I got there on Friday with a lot of anger over our situation. By the time we left Sunday afternoon I felt free...

Angela had a very nice way of not taking sides, yet giving good strong comments and thought-provoking scenarios. She absolutely knew us when we got there and often referred to our history. She was extraordinarily easy to talk to and also has a nice sense of humor. She gave us practical tools to use when I was very upset and we left with a new vision of our future and tools to use to improve our communication.

I was skeptical heading into the weekend but now I am so glad that we did it.”

Washington, DC

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Our couples retreats are in high demand.  They book quickly for the clinician and dates you want.

"It's been the sweetest month I've ever had in our marriage..."

"For a long time, I had so many doubts as to whether we could make this work. I spent most of my marriage not knowing it could be as rich as this last month as been. I felt the "switch," over this last month, and it's felt like living in sunshine instead of shadows. My husband and I haven't had a fight in months, even while navigating normally very tense waters including dealing with our families, and even buying a house! They've turned into discussions."

Boston, Massachusetts

It takes a lot of work but it is worth it in spades....

Dr. Gorman asked pertinent and vital questions. Was able to direct the sessions for constructive results. I would recommend it. We got very positive results. Our intensive prevented a divorce, increased communication, and we're able to enjoy each other again. Her sense of humor and balanced approach in listening and guiding were exactly what we needed. She is a gem. It takes a lot of work but it is worth it in spades.

Amherst, Massachusetts

"We came away with a fresh perspective..."

Marisa was very professional, very approachable and disarming. We immediately felt at ease and comfortable talking to her. 

It was a powerful weekend - that we both enjoyed. We both came away with a fresh perspective on each other. We have a deeper understanding of why each of us reacts the way we do on certain issues. I believe we will have a stronger relationship due to the weekend and be better at resolving conflicts without anger. We were very pleased.

For us - it was exactly what we needed. it was an intense, weekend, but very very helpful. I thought the time allowed was great - the one on one sessions were very good and beneficial. Marisa was really good - we identified with her. She is very affirming, warm and sincere. the whole weekend exceeded our expectations.

Absolutely would recommend.

Houston, Texas

This Couples Retreat is Run by Experts:
There is Nothing "Cookie Cutter" About It.

There are less expensive alternatives...

If your relationship is strong, go to a group workshop. These lower COST EDUCATIONAL offerings provide general guidance on improving your relationship.

However, if you're in acute marital distress, get the private, one-to-one help you need.

Our Couples Retreat experts can transform your relationship. (Your motivation is needed of course...)

Pick the best weekend for you, and reserve your Intensive Couples Retreat today. 

Don't ignore your relationship problems and hope they go away.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

Marriage Retreat Outline:

  • The BIG BIG Book Online Assessment
  • 2 hour "Warm Up" session
  • Two full days:  9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Before You Attend, You Will:

  • Receive and complete your BIG BIG Book. It must be finished two week prior to your intensive
  • Receive directions and a list of recommended food & lodging venues.  BOOK EARLY!
  • Receive your therapist's contact phone number the day before your marriage retreat
  • Arrive early.  Rest up before your "Warm up" Session
  • Have a great couples retreat!

After Your Marriage Retreat:

  • Complete an evaluation of your experience
  • Access to continued training through Fabulous Spouse - Our sister site.

What You Get:

  1. 1
    A Complete, One-to-One, Private Retreat conducted by a Couples Therapist of your choice.
  2. 2
    Enroll in Dr. K's weekly informative: "The Science of Relationships."
    to reinforce your learning.
  3. 3
    Access to continued training through Fabulous Spouse - Our sister site offering online courses at a discount to you.


We regret that we cannot accept reservations without payment. 

"Maybe there is some hope after all...for forgiveness and reconciliation."

Our relationship was very strained and volatile at times. We wanted to improve knowledge of what happened to cause my husbands infidelity, we needed to reevaluate communication skills and we needed to feel like we could find a place of acceptance.

We have been dealing with this since June 2016 and were still not making progress after two therapists and lots of reading. This almost felt like our last hope and we both needed to see if it could help us even see a glimmer of a chance.

We have tried therapy locally with two other Licensed Social Workers in our area that had some insight but were not able to really see the bigger picture, the whole picture, like Mike did.

Mike was able to help us discover issues that led to my husband's decisions and his change in character. He also helped me to see why my reactions to everything was a reflection of my past as well. It was like opening a Pandora’s box and for me, the betrayed spouse, has kind of left me floundering right now with sorting it all out. He is also starting to see the full effects of his discovery of work addiction and what it entailed for him personally.

We both appreciated his approach to hearing our story, of respecting our feelings, of helping us to understand our lack of communication style, of evaluating our family histories and how relevant it was to our adulthood and explaining ways It had affected our marriage. He was extremely thoughtful in his evaluations and comments—reintroducing concepts that we needed to keep in mind and he kept us on track, which we really have had issues with. His use of doubling our conversations was so helpful, especially for my husband who admits that he has problems with saying things the way he wants.

I don’t feel as if there was anything we didn’t like about Mike—other than we are in different states. We would both benefit tremendously with being able to continue therapy with him.

Would you recommend your couples therapist and Couples Therapy Inc? If so, why? If not, why not?

Yes! Yes! He was so knowledgeable about more than just the marriage. He saw the whole picture—the picture that helped us to see the “why” that caused so many of our issues.

Chicago, Illinois 


"I go through 1,000 resumes each year, looking for couples therapy near me. I wanted the best-trained couples therapists locally and from around the world.  I hand-pick and hire the best, and then provide individual and group seminars, supervision, and case consultations, so that you are assured of an exceptionally well-trained couples therapist. I stand behind our Team.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience in our unique Couples Retreats, contact me personally so that I can make it right.."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How Do We Apply for a Couples Retreat?

How Do We Choose a Couples Therapist?

What is Your Success Rate for this Couples Retreat?

What are Available Couples Retreat Dates?

Where Do We Stay at Our Couples Retreat?

Does Our Insurance pay for this Couples Retreat?

We regret that we cannot accept reservations without payment. 

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"We feel confident in our new tools and skills."

Our relationship was troubled. We had begun couples therapy weekly regimens prior to attending Couples Therapy Inc. It didn't feel that we did much or progressed much in our weekly sessions. Also, the therapist seemed to have to be reminded of our problems because she didn’t seem to remember anything about us each week.

Dr. Doug Burford was very kind and easy to talk with. He was great at promoting spiritual involvement without feeling preached to. And he listened to what we have done and adjusted anything he needed to meet our needs.

He was absolutely great. We feel confident in our new tools and skills that Dr. Doug has taught us. He finds ways of conveying information and skills in a way that sticks and always you to reinforce and build on them. We have improved our conflict communication and resolutions. We can express our feelings in a productive manner without using bad phrases or words. And we feel stronger that we can face future challenges together as a team.

We feel we are now capable of continuing healing and communicating without hurting each other. We have new tools and don’t fear a potential conflict.

We had an amazing experience with Couples Therapy Inc. The whole process has helped us so much. My husband and I feel like we have a renewed relationship or new in general. We know each other on a deeper level that we never knew existed and now we can pursue getting stronger.

Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City, MO)