Couples Therapy Retreats:

Comprehensive. All-inclusive. Evidence Based.

Momentum matters in couples counseling. And we organize this concentrated help for you by combining both assessment,  treatment and aftercare into one tailor-made action plan. You'll target your biggest relationship challenges.
Assessment. Treatment. Following-up.

Restore your loving connection.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats In Person Or Online

Our evidence-based couples therapy is a comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to healing intimate bonds. Our marriage retreats have been clinically proven to reduce relationship distress and improve relationship satisfaction. Choose a couples therapist with proven skills as a relationship expert. Select a sequential, personally-tailored approach for a fast reconnect. Pick your speed: Offered over 2.5 days or 3-month window.

Who we are

Couples Therapy Inc. is a team of over thirty licensed therapists. We are marriage counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and social workers. We have therapists licensed to practice across the US states (including Puerto Rico) and four countries.

Many of us have 20-40 years of experience as couples therapists and mental health. All of us have advanced training or certification in the famous Gottman Method developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. But we're also cross-trained in other models as well.

Our clients have had weekly therapy in the past, using their insurance plans. They have felt the frustration of the "drip, drip, drip" of weekly work. Their sessions, spread out over months, offered them too little time to unresolved conflicts in any depth. Momentum matters in relationship counseling. It keeps both the couple and therapist focused on clear goals and a commitment to change.

We've learned that for many couples even evidence based marital counseling isn't enough to provide what a concentrated experience can offer. Some couples need more emotionally focused behavioral couples therapy in an intensive retreat format in order to develop a healthier relationship. We can provide that over a concentrated period of time.

Couples therapy is our specialty. In fact, it's our only focus.

Couples Therapy Inc. has restored my faith in marriage counseling. 

Recent client reports

My partner and I have noticed an immediate change in the way we view our family and each other. We're warmer to one another and we're more patient with children. We owe a lot of that to the road map our therapist created for us, which gives us hope and confidence. Our intensive marriage retreat also reminded us of why my partner and I are together, what attracted us to one another, and why we're good partners. Somehow, sadly, we lost sight of that.

After a few ineffective therapists, Couples Therapy Inc has restored my faith in marriage counseling.

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What we do

Devote a weekend for in-person concentrated couples therapy sessions. Develop the tools you'll need to resolve conflicts, repair broken bonds, and become closer as a couple. 

Science has shown that working intensively helps you develop stronger bonds more effectively than the same amount of time spread over weekly sessions.  We welcome couples at all stages of relationship distress:

  • premarital,
  • enrichment,
  • communication skills-building,
  • 'last shot' couples counseling,
  • affair recovery &
  • discernment (divorce contemplation) counseling.

You'll begin with an extensive assessment. 

An assessment helps to identify the roots of your daily tensions and enables you to target these areas more effectively. This reduces your stress and saves you time and money.

You begin your journey by providing us a colossal amount of information. This gives us a clear window into you and your relationship. Our unique online marriage counseling assessment instrument is coined "The BIG BIG Book."  Receive your BIG BIG Book immediately after you reserve your comprehensive couples therapy journey.

Our clinicians undergo extensive training in order to effectively interpret this instrument of unparalleled depth. It includes the famous Gottman Institute’s assessment instrument designed by John Gottman, and much, much, more. We ask questions about you as a person, as a member of your original family, your friendships...everything we need to design your individually-tailored compelling weekend. We'll know a lot about you before we've even met.

We never felt like strangers...The BIG BIG Book helped the therapist but it also helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings.

Recent client reports

The BIG BIG Book stood out to me as an invaluable resource to couples and your therapist. It helped the therapist, but it also helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings. Be thoughtful and honest with your responses.

It took several hours (more than we anticipated!), but it was so worth it. It allowed us to start therapy without having to go through hours of family history and backstory. When we got to our weekend, we had very clear goals in mind and our therapist had so much history on each of us and what we wanted that we wasted no time in therapy. We never felt like strangers. It was focused on exactly what we needed.  

In Person Or Online

Our doors are open once again to in-person couples therapy.

Try Concentrated Online marriage counseling - from home or anywhere

Sometimes obligations to family members stop couples from getting the help they need. But with online couples therapy, you can tackle premarital counseling issues, relationship issues, and even your intimate lives as romantic partners. Complete it over a weekend of personally tailored appointments. It is time-limited to make it happen. Momentum counts in helping troubled relationships.

Our concentrated online couples therapy offers both of you the time to learn essential skills for better relating.

Many of our clients argue it was as effective as in person. This intensive counseling for couples is uniquely tailored to your needs. Not a group experience - one professional to help you, and you alone.

Real people to match you, not algorithms. 

High tech, high touch.

We value technology, but  that computer matching used by online platforms just isn't the same as speaking to a real human being.  And our Client Services Reps, have taken Gottman Level I training, so that they can better understand the science behind good couples therapy.

While even the most  intelligent, automated scheduler wouldn't decipher the details, our well-trained staff will get it.

Most messages are responded to within 24 hours.

I felt supported by everyone I've encountered. 

Recent client reports

I also would like to thank the Client Services Manager, Olivia Meissner, for her professionalism and her help throughout the process....I felt supported by everyone I've encountered at CTI, from the initial phone call to the scheduler to the therapist. Do it, without hesitation. Even though I don't know how things will end up relationship-wise, it was absolutely worth the financial, emotional and time commitment.

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Do it for yourself.
Do it for each other.

A secure bond brings both a deeper, more personal friendship, and greater intimacy.


Are there Marriage counselors near me?

We have therapists in an ever-growing number of locations for a couples retreat near you.

Northeast    Southeast   Midwest   Southwest   Western   Non-Contiguous States   International

What are your fees?

Intensive retreat prices for a weekend start at $3500*, depending upon the education, location, and experience of your therapist. Additional days can also be arranged. Ongoing coaching fees are $150-$275 a session.

Payment is due at the time of booking and paid for by PayPal or credit card. PayPal offers a 6-month "same as cash" payment option for qualified clients. Clients can apply online.

We regret not being able to hold dates without payment.

What is the schedule for this work??

Intensives typically run Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am-4:30pm. Our modified online intensive schedule or additional days are arranged with your therapist over a three-month period.

Is this a religious retreat? 

No. This is a non-religious, secular retreat that is science-based.

We do, however, have a Christian minister, Dr. Doug Burford on our team for those requesting a bible-informed retreat. If he works with you as a minister, he can practice throughout the USA.

There are approximately 450 certified Gottman therapists in the world. All of us have advanced Gottman training and many are also certified. This makes us among the most experienced couples therapy providers available.

I am convinced that the Gottman Institute techniques used are the best available anywhere. 

Recent client reports

I know that Gottman has the most developed and research driven approach to marriage anywhere. We couldn't afford the Gottmans themselves otherwise we would have done that. With a scientific approach, the Gottman method gives you clear-cut tools to help couples work through challenges that arise in marriage. I am convinced that the Gottman Institute techniques used are the best available anywhere. We wish this was available at the beginning of our marriage. 

"Couples Therapy Inc. is serious business - no margaritas, group sessions or yoga classes... a science-based intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on with a skilled doctoral or masters-level couples therapist."  


Couples therapy is not intended to be a substitution for individual psychotherapy when the following are present:

  • severe and persistent mental illness,

  • alcohol or drug addiction, or
  • violence in the marriage.

In addition, while we work with those in ongoing extramarital affairs, we do so in Discernment Counseling, not couples therapy. 

Learn more about our approach.

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